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The Harbor
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This sim is under construction. The sim mission is to serve opensim providing MASS DISTRIBUTION of NEW resources and content to expand builders creativity. Everything is and will be FREE and full perms, take a copy or buy for zero. Enjoy!
We have ZERO TOLERANCE for drama both inworld or in social media.

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Because Opensim is big we rez big too ;) Now Free and FullPerms Available to all Opensim Grids the big Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov :)
14 hours ago - 0 comments
4 days ago - 0 comments
July 7, 12 New Premium FREE and FullPerms Hairs, Fitted Mesh, Unrigged, Different sizes, 200 Flavors (7 Appliers) Release Locations (all sims give you different hairs): - Harbor - Conglomerate - PS. Protect...
28 days ago - 0 comments
WIP - 50% is done not much left :) New Hair, Fitted Mesh, Unrigged Mesh, several sizes and all with 200 flavors coming soon FREE and FULLPERMS for all our Community to NEVER BUY in Opensim :)
29 days ago - 1 comments

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This big sim is amazing you can buy for zero all the top stuff that you see can take hours, you will not find much inside the shops but all you see there is ultra new it's one of my favorites too
This sim is so amazing and shares so many nice stuff i'm speechless. Thank you great work!
One of the best sims i've seen so far with selected and updated content all for free.
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