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Tropical island with nude beach, surfer spot, romantic spots, and the Nakid Club. [Under construction]

Open to all genders, all styles, all specimen, as long as they are nice. Nude does not mean free meat, don't be an asshole!

"Feel free, be naked"

Adult Region: as the tag implies, no child avatar there (no need to argue you are adult RL).

I will be away from Opensim, and so my region in Sacrarium Grid. This will be a long absence (maybe several months) due to RL changes (nothing bad don't worry).

Zetra will stay opened, managed by WhiteAngel Deed (Sacrarium owner). If there is a problem on the region, please contact him.

I have setup the gaming patio for those whose like to play. You have a Ludo game (4 avatars max) and a Greedy game (12 avatars max).

Happy gaming :)

I have made a central drink dispenser on the island.
So everywhere you see glasses or bottles, you should be able to click on them to ask your drink, from sodas to tropical coktails, and not forgetting coffee!

Happy drinking on Zetra :)

I just realized I have 91 likes for Zetra.

Thanks to all my visitors, hopefully becoming regular islanders :)

Peacefull south beach

View from the top of stairs on the hill

Impromptu little party at the Nakid Club with Caprica and Cool :)


After a long time out of virtual worlds, I come back (slowly), and will work on the island again. When I left, I was working on a brand new one. It's still not finished, but I wanted to bring it up, so come see how it looks :)

Hawaii Party Cancelled on Zetra

Sorry all, we can't make it :(

Party on Zetra on 3rd May is cancelled.

The center of the island is in reconstruction, I am extending it. I'm sorry for the mess.

That does not prevent me from hosting DJane Anna tonight for the first topless party at the Nakid Club, not finished either :)
Purple Swan store has moved to Paradox&Afes, joining its brothers and sisters in the town of shops, that has been extended for the occasion.

Zetra is a bit in a mess during the transition, but more things are planned to replace the store.
Small update at Purple Swan store: the beach towels are now packed. I have also renamed the Cuddle menu to Seduction... poses are rather hot for cuddles :) and added new wiser cuddle poses (bringing the whole to 110 poses in 11 menus).

In the store, you can try and get the full set of 22 patterned towels, or just enjoy using them on the beach ;-)

Feel free, be naked!

IMPORTANT: The region moved, after a change of server. Please update your landmark :)

Updated environment. Now you have a real tropical weather, with ambiant sounds (walk through all the island to discover them).

Happy visit!

A new set of animations available (as always with PMAC notecard): stool sits, ideal for bars, coming with 5 poses for females and 5 for males .. no jealous ^^

The beach also got a refresh.
Advice: turn the sounds on when you walk around ;-)

Today, two new animation sets for PMAC object builders: shower for women (7 poses) and men (5 poses).

Purple Swan is now open!! For now it only contains 2 PMAC animations sets (for builders, to make building PMAC objects faster).

Stay tuned to be noticed of new items!

I added a firecamp on the beach, so that up to 5 persons can sit and chat (2 couples with friends and cuddling poses, 1 single)


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Jimmy Olsen Nice SIM :) So tropical looking, forgot to take my coat out i was sweating ehehh
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Mav18 2 years ago
This is wonderful.........I need a parcel.......lol
Typhaine Artez 2 years ago
Hi Mav. For now, I don't consider offering lots for resiential usage.

That's something I have considered. But first for now the region is in a big reconstruction (I rebuild all from my simple region to a 4x4 var), and I don't have time for now to manage additional work with "residents" islands.

Second, if I would go in that way, I would put very strict rules about what to do on parcels. I am not a dictator, but think first of my global project.

Thank you for the lovely comment anyway :)
Carla 2 years ago
A wonderful Sim. TyphaineArtez is very friendly and helpful ♥
Typhaine Artez 2 years ago
Thank you Carla. I hope to see you around again ^^
JeTaime Love 2 years ago
I love it here! Can't wait for all the new learning tools...good job
Shai Galli 2 years ago
wonderful region ;)
Typhaine Artez 2 years ago
Thank you Fanny :) Come back often and enjoy the tranquility of the island!
Brad Sunsett 2 years ago
i tried to get there but it says...dont exists anymore:-(
Typhaine Artez 2 years ago
I got reported HG users had problems coming to sacrarium lately.

At the time you wrote, it was there, and I got visitors later in the day. Try again.
Betty 2 years ago
One of the best tropical island destinations and getting better continuously.
Typhaine is a great host and great teacher when is coming to all this engineering behind the fun !!
Typhaine Artez 2 years ago
Thank you for the kind comments :)
iekocatnap 2 years ago
very nice land !
Typhaine Artez 2 years ago
Thank you Ieko :)
WhiteAngel 2 years ago
Awesome region! Very good for rest and photosessions.
AllaaOkoda 2 years ago
Work in progress but looking good already :) TyphaineArtez a great hostess too!
Typhaine Artez 2 years ago
Thank you for your kind comment Alma :)