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Come as you are on Zetra 1pm
26 Apr 2018 13:00 SLT
Thursday 04-26 at 1pm grid time Impromptu party with Dj Anna and her great tunes Let's have fun all together!
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Party Crazy on Zetra 19.04 1pm
19 Apr 2018 13:00 SLT
Thursday 04-19 at 1pm SLT party crazy in region Zetra Dj Anna good music, come as you want, even without clothes Let's have fun and make new friends!
1 5
Topless party
25 Feb 2018 13:00 SLT
Party in Zetra, our delicious Sunday. Topless or naked, optional. Listen great tunes by Dj Anna, Sun 02-25 1pm SLT, Come make new friends and bring yours!
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