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Enjoy the tropical environment of Zetra Island (still under construction).

Hang out at the nude beach, exploring the island and its sweet spots to spend a romantic time with someone, or a lonely one.

The region also contains a club with its own parcel. Feel free to dance there on lounge music, there will also be some events.

"Feel free, be naked"

Adult Region: as the tag implies, no child avatar there (no need to argue you are adult RL).

The little island is my home, please respect my privacy and don't come without being invited. Some people think a region should not be listed on opensimworld when it contains a private part, to what I disagree. If you don't like it, just don't come :-)

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Carla 29 days ago
A wonderful Sim. TyphaineArtez is very friendly and helpful ♥
TyphaineArtez 29 days ago
Thank you Carla. I hope to see you around again ^^
JeTammie 4 months ago
I love it here! Can't wait for all the new learning tools...good job
Fanny 4 months ago
wonderful region ;)
TyphaineArtez 4 months ago
Thank you Fanny :) Come back often and enjoy the tranquility of the island!
CristWhite 5 months ago
Delightfully :)
bradsunset@gmail.com 5 months ago
i tried to get there but it says...dont exists anymore:-(
TyphaineArtez 5 months ago
I got reported HG users had problems coming to sacrarium lately.

At the time you wrote, it was there, and I got visitors later in the day. Try again.
bettyfl 5 months ago
One of the best tropical island destinations and getting better continuously.
Typhaine is a great host and great teacher when is coming to all this engineering behind the fun !!
TyphaineArtez 5 months ago
Thank you for the kind comments :)
iekocatnap 5 months ago
very nice land !
TyphaineArtez 5 months ago
Thank you Ieko :)
WhiteAngelDeed 6 months ago
Awesome region! Very good for rest and photosessions.
AlmaMiranda 6 months ago
Work in progress but looking good already :) TyphaineArtez a great hostess too!
TyphaineArtez 6 months ago
Thank you for your kind comment Alma :)

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No events
The center of the island is in reconstruction, I am extending it. I'm sorry for the mess. That does not prevent me from hosting DJane Anna tonight for the first topless party at the Nakid Club, not finished either :)
2 months ago - 0 comments
Purple Swan store has moved to Paradox&Afes, joining its brothers and sisters in the town of shops, that has been extended for the occasion. Zetra is a bit in a mess during the transition, but more things are planned to replace the store.
4 months ago - 1 comments
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