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News Purple Swan shop
Purple Swan created MyBox, a tool helping you to manage your boxes content.
My Box is a simple script helping you to manage your box content.
Often loading object content can be long (and can stall), scripts don't have this problem.

Touching the box then brings a menu listing all the content, with the type if items.
When you select an item in the menu, you have several actions, some depending on its type:

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Get Copy
Get a copy of that item in your inventory
Delete the item (no warning!)
Rez (objects only)
Rez the object at 2 meters from the box
Show (textures only)
Show the texture on the upper side of the box, until going back to the list menu
Play (sounds only)
Play the sound for at most one minute
Animate (animations only)
Request to play the animation on your avatar for at most one minute

Global actions are for the whole box
Copy All
Get a copy of the entire box content (without the .MyBox script) in a folder of your inventory
Delete All
Delete all in the box, except .MyBox script

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