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Welcome at Paradox!
Enjoy the beautiful city, relaxing at the park, meeting people and listen music at the café, or wander in free shops around the roads.

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For a long time Typhaine Artes postponed, finally did it: support AV splitter for NPCs in OpenSim. If you have already used PMAC, it will be easy!!! Get it in the Purple Swan store
4 months ago - 0 comments
Small update to MyBox tool. Version 1.1 adds a global action to delete MyBox script itself, making your box back an inert box Come grab your copy at the store: Typhaine.
6 months ago - 0 comments
High quality pose stand with features never seen in opensim. Based from TMT Professional Pose Stand by Tikuf Arun @SecondLife under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Almost all functionnalities are reproduced. Come get your copy at Purple Swan (one is rezzed so that you can try it) Taxi: hop://sacrari...
6 months ago - 4 comments
Dear friends! OSgrid closes access to Sacrarium for own users. Please use another way for connect to Sacrarium. Be well!
1 years ago - 0 comments

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Tomtom 14 days ago
Paradox is offline for weeks now, can you tell me why? One of the most awesome places in Sacrarium is offline!
AllaaOkoda 14 days ago
The region will return to the network only in early September.We apologize for the inconvenience.
SC3D 4 months ago
I can not teleport to this grid
Bigmike01 5 months ago
i am wondering how i would get verified as a HG shopper? thank you in advance
Freelife 5 months ago
HG Shopper? easy peasy
make a group, put * HG Shopper * in your owner tag
bingo you now have the HG Shopper tag over your avatar
that shows your verified ;)

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This is not a SL sim showcase and it's not another game, just a prove Opensim can do it too, probably the best urban sim hypergrid ever saw, Ty White Angel ;-)
Best sim i've seen so far very good work
Very nice region love the mesh buildings and realistic items there. Quality freebies. Great place.
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