Dreamworld 43

Dreamworld 43
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The FREE creations of Victor DeAngelo, as well as other freebies, that you can add to your inventory and use to deco your sim. Let's keep OpenSim FREE!

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ReneeWryter 1 months ago
awesome as always Victor :)
VictorDeAngelo 1 months ago
Thank you, Renee!
oopsee 2 months ago
live to give, share and help ... yay for VictorDeAngelo !!!!!
VictorDeAngelo 2 months ago
Thank you, oopsee, for your kind comment regarding my Free Life Factory sim. As always, feel free to come anytime and enjoy collecting my newest creations.
Kelley_Adams 2 months ago
I cherish the spirit of keeping Opensim Free. Great Job!
VictorDeAngelo 2 months ago
Thank you, Kelley_Adams. Having come from a virtual world that is all about money, finding the free spirit of OS and all of the creative and fun people who enjoy it here, I am convinced that sharing what we have with others is the best way to go.
Elise_Dior 2 months ago
Soooo many awesome freebies and many are the creation of the sim owner...Way to go Victor! This sim is a total must see.
VictorDeAngelo 2 months ago
Thank you, Elise_Dior. I appreciate your good response and hope that you enjoy the items that you were able to glean from my sim.
ReneeWryter 2 months ago
Wonderful Place :) and some awesome Stuff! TY :)
VictorDeAngelo 2 months ago
Thank you, ReneeWryter. Please come back anytime and I appreciate your good comment.

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