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estela 1 months
I advise people to stay away from you Mr Gossip !!!!
estela 1 months
Jesus, gossipy woman is ugly but man, yuck!!!
Arielle 1 months
Open Sim means the sim is opensource software unlike that of secondlife's proprietary software that does the same thing. What some of you seem to confuse is Opensim with Open content. They are NOT the same thing and was not the intention of the original Opensim developers. Nowhere is there any writings of the original developers that any content contained within Opensim had to be free.
Freelife 1 months
Exactly Arielle and no where does it say that any content in Opensim has to be for sale.
For the better part of the 11 years of Opensim history 99.9% of content was free or free to copy.
Up until 1-2 years ago there was no money system or commercialism in any grid.
Osgrid and Metopolis the two largest grids at that time stated clearly they would never endorse a payment system.
Guess Opensim residents who have been around for awhile are the only ones who remember how calm and nice it was before this greedy rush to capitalize on Opensim residents.
All this drama free vs sale comes from sellers and resellers of sl templates attacking the freebie and copybot community as they can not compete. They thought their drama in all social media would shut it down so they could have open range to sell without competition.
Unfortunately for them they grossly underestimated the huge demand for free and copybot thereby failing to eliminate their competition.
What they succeeded at was to create a nasty division between a small number who want to sell and the vast majority of Opensim residents who want free or copybot.
As I remember you are one of them. Sour grapes eh.
Arielle 1 months
Meh you seem to forget about Inworldz, Avination as well as a number of other grids and sellers that have had the ability to sell through what was then virwox and podex as well as your pet paypal. You seem to be suffering from a selective memory.

Its not necessarily that people wanted free but that it is they wanted some quality content they were seeing in s/l that wasn't being made available here and the creators that were here, were still trying to flog wearables instead of mesh.
The demand is for quality content Joe, free or paid. Spare us flogging the 2008 content.
Freelife 1 months
never considered Inworldz or Avination part of opensim as they were closed grids sans hypergrid like secondlife. Yaya they used their own fork of Opensim software so technically I guess .... Both were commercial and both are now defunct while Opensim aka the open metaverse hypergrid is alive and kicking.
You bring up another facet that is speculative at best and who would know. Would people have purchased content rather than copybot from sl if free and copybot had not been available ? Who the front door would know eh?
I kind of doubt it because the explosion in Opensim population came when free copybot sl content exploded and became available 1-2 years ago.
I posit that Opensim population would not have expanded as fast as it did without free and copybot.
What would compel people to leave sl to come to Opensim only to re-purchase their sl inventories? Seems unlikely eh? Some maybe not in the huge numbers of the last few years.
The people who were here in Opensim did not have the money that the sl residents had anyway. Most were here for the cheap land and put up with lack of content. Had content been available to buy would those purchase ... kinda doubt it. Cant prove one way or the other so what you post above is rather mute.
SL creators would never come to opensim to sell anyway ... god powers, oars etc kept them out for 10 years.
xxj3ssycaxx 1 months
i think some ppl dont understand the meaning of open .. open sim if you worry so mutch about not getting your stuff going from one grid to anotgher go to second life