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Sacrarium grid
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Welcome to Sacrarium grid !

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Grid is disabled for scheduled maintenance for 2 hours backup database! We bring our apologies!
11 days ago - 0 comments
24 days ago - 0 comments
We apologize, these regions will not be available within 2 hours of the server update.(BACKDROP SACRARIUM) (The Last Utopia) (New Caprica) (Arkham City) (ESCAPE) (Caldera) (Destiny)
1 months ago - 0 comments
Grid back online Welcome Sorry for the inconvenience.
2 months ago - 1 comments

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logansryche 10 days ago
Everyone that's complaining about not getting in to Sacrium will need to HG to another grid first, then HG there.
BigShot 1 months ago
without exaggeration the best grid in opensim!!!!
edonet 1 months ago
sacrarium will always be one of the best ever
midnightrain 2 months ago
Thank you I am so glad its about maintenance.... it would be so sad to not have a place like Sacarium... not all about content but the beauty of everything... people work hard to make a nice places to visit again I say Thank you
Lance_Newhouse 2 months ago Web Site and grid is currently down for unscheduled maintenance as of this date 1April 2019 for unknown reason and duration. Please be patient for grid return. They are working diligently to restore services.
AlmaMiranda 2 months ago
Grid is temporarily disabled. We apologize for the problem database!!!
logansryche 2 months ago
Something happen Alma? Hope you guys get back up soon.
IrinaStoun 2 months ago
Сакрариум ,лучшая сетка!Спасибо ребята за проделанный труд.
DanHelsing 6 months ago
how can i get to your region
AlmaMiranda 6 months ago
Hi. What grid are you trying to reach?
eagleeye3873 6 months ago
how do i get to your region
LoraLynn 2 years ago
хорошие навыки и продуманность
Morgenstern 2 years ago
Very interesting region and grid. A lot of secrets here and cool party! Thank you!

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Gracias Muy Bueno!!! Viva la revolucion! Ty Very good no capitalist shop! Long Live the Revolution!
самая удивительная сетка в opensim
Это без преувеличения лучший грид в Opensim. Каждый регион - произведение искусства. Добрые, отзывчивые люди и администрация.
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