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DorenaVerne 10 months ago
I'm just thinking about how to finally get a grip on these stupid content conflicts.
My idea would be that some Bentoersteller etc. offer against free region and donations the stuff from SL Parole.
For banning, forbidding and such is unrealistically does not change anything and creates more and more discord.
I've just talked to a friend from the Metro on it and she wants first different avatars
produce clothing layer and huds.

I know, I'm too stupid for that, but I'd like to see something finally move in that direction.
Do you have any suggestions? Please do not scold this thread for blaming and so on, there's enough of that.
DorenaVerne 10 months ago
"banned all Metro residents"?? I think that's not a good idea, so more innocent people are affected. Who are the bad guys?
oopsee 10 months ago
The Sacarium Grid is fantastic performance !!! All free shops are here ;)))
OttovonOtter 10 months ago
There's news about the case: The Sacrarium Grid (home of Afes, the new Adachi, my Klamootto Sim and others) obviously banned all Metro residents from the Grid, which is understandable if you have in mind that Afes was also based in Metro once and was also banned.
I feel very sorry for the inflicted Metrojan minority of my customers and recommand making alternative avatars in other Grids to be able to enter Afes, Adachi and Klamotto. All my stuff is fullperm, you can simply give it to yourself/ your Metro Ava.
You can also send a friend and I will continue working on my 'Shop In A Box' Project.
DorenaVerne 10 months ago
Lena's postings startled me a lot - "We are the good guys", or "And Adachi? We made it public." This region does not want to exist with this name. And no grid wants to connect to this region I want to earn a shitstorm. "
Internal grid problems are not solved that way. Thanks for your contribution, Otto.
oopsee 10 months ago
so true !!!
LyudmilaPavlichenko 10 months ago
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)))))))))))))))))))