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Bumper Car Friday
13 Apr 2018 06:00 SLT
We are having a blast with bumper cars in our skating rink! Come out and have the time of your life! Let the little kid come out in you!
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Party at the Mountain Retreat
9 Mar 2018 21:00 SLT
Come one come all to one great party! We have our great DJ Purrr for music! She take requests if you have a song you like! Also feel free to check out the world with the help of our Teleport Board!
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Skate party at Simple Lake
2 Mar 2018 21:00 SLT
Come enjoy yourself with dancing, skating, and music by our very own DJ Purrr! Just come, we have the skates and the ao to skate! Let's bring back the youthful years!
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Party at the Lake
9 Feb 2018 21:00 SLT
Come enjoy the music, checkout the world, and meet new people! We are a one stop world for all new people! We have stores, homes, and entertainment with lot's to do! Our music is always on, but our...
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