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Many thanks to Satyr Aeon (Priape) and Greybox Darkward (Vesperport) for their contributions to this project. Othello Gay Resort uses the latest and greatest PMAC powered appliances with thousands of quality animations to enjoy throughout the region, many of our furnishings are made in-house and cannot be found anywhere else. We have several scenarios catered to the LGBTQ+ community but anyone is welcome. If you are into BDSM, we have a well stocked dungeon. Get it on anywhere public or private, our HUGE selection of NPCs are sure to please!

ADVISORIES: 1. THIS SIMULATION IS SEXUALLY EXPLICIT. Because pedophilia and bestiality are illegal in many cultures, we have adopted a SANE policy for sexually active guests. ADULT AVATARS ONLY - NO CHILDREN - NO ANIMALS - NO EXCEPTIONS! 2. For an immersive user experience, the resort's gravity generators prohibit flying.

Be sure to READ the RULES at the landing point. The vendor contains instructions on operating our amusements and controlling the NPCs.

NEW: 12-28-2017 Nurse Dinah is now giving away FREE Male Cocks in the STD Clinic. The Penis comes in Cut or Uncut models.

Your virtual experience is your responsibility. Othello Gay Resort is graphically intense and requires a modern computer with optimal driver configurations. If you are using legacy hardware, you should consider lowering your graphic settings and removing heavily scripted attachments to reduce the risk of viewer lag.

If you are unable to connect, try again later. Every attempt is made to keep our simulation operational at all times but there is one variable we all must contend with... Opensimulator software is EXPERIMENTAL, issues can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

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Speed Design Fun Accuracy

This presentation takes NPCs and goes far beyond anything I have ever seen on the hypergrid. An introductory sequence can be triggered at the entrance and offers visitors an entertaining view of creative automation. Even the pigeons in the biodome have some funny things to say about local happenings...

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nellie 6 months ago
Great work with NPCs here - fascinating to see their potential - visually stunning environmental too. Enjoyed my visit :)
SpaxOrion 6 months ago
Thanks for commenting, Nellie... I will be adding new characters and more story arcs in the coming weeks. Why WATCH a movie when you can VISIT ONE!? LOL
Brettson 7 months ago
On the contrary, Spax is very helpful and friendly. You did a nice job with this build.

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