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AlmaMiranda AlmaMiranda posted an update October 4, 2017, 11:16

Dear grids owners! If you want your users not to visit Afes, then write to us. At your request, we will close Afes for all registered users of your grid.
Dear users and guests! If you notice a copybot on Afes, then be sure to let us know! All the guilty will be found and punished. And we will close your access to Afes. For the great justice.
Dear right holders! If you notice your work on Afes and suspect that they are here illegally, then be sure to inform the administration of the Sacrarium Grid. If you really are the right holder, then all the guilty will be found and punished.
This action is aimed at preventing conflicts, drama and misunderstanding.
With best regards
Afes team

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