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AlmaMiranda AlmaMiranda posted an update October 4, 2017, 10:48

We sincerely regret that Zangrid will be closed. As the Mike Lorrey from Zagan Google+ said: "…the “final straw ", though, was the increasing boldness of copybotters and their fans, which came to the head of the grid on the Opensimworld website for the Afes region on the Sacrarium dot ru grid”. This is followed insults of Afes and head of Opensimworld , curses and accusations of Marxism and etc. This is no interesting. More interestingly, a week before this event, the Sacrarium closed access for users of Zagan to prevent content leakage and its sale for currency on this grid. We do not believe in coincidence. Afes brings deep condolences to users of Zagan, but we had no other way out. Anyway Afes continues to contribute to the fight against the illegal sales of content. If we cannot stop evil, we can localize.
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Afes team

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