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Welcome! We are always glad to meet you in our shops where you can buy free goods (for home and garden, clothes and much more). Where the azure coast will remind you of vacation, where you will plunge into the atmashere of romance, the sound of the surf. !!

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The most intense free shop till you drop experience you can have in all hypergrid!!!!

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CTPAX 8 months ago
LubaSerpente 8 months ago
Yes Suz this sim is amazing and we all love it Tahnk you so much kiss :-)
Morgenstern 8 months ago
Excellent shop! There is everything you need and absolutely free. A lot of new every day.Afes became one of the most favorite places in the universe! If you ever visited Afes, then you will not need any more shops. You can see how angry traders of stolen content. They hate Afes because Afes actively bans them, making it impossible to steal other people's things. Over 700 visitors a month! Awesome success! Thank for your great job and good luck! Best of freebe market ever!
kiara 8 months ago
This is not shopping. This is receiving stolen content - pure and simple. Anyone happy to distribute this ripped-off content imo has the morals of an alleycat, and is clearly desperate for traffic. This sadly is turning Opensim into a 'den-of-thieves' and copybotters in the eyes of others and the damage is now done - hardly an encouraging environment for original creators from anywhere. Why would they even bother? I love freebies, but I also love respect for others creations - isn't that why we are there? to create? and to enjoy the creativity of others? Color me ashamed and disappointed - for pete's sake - MAKE something!!
LubaSerpente 8 months ago
Poor People that had epic fail in SL, joined Opensim thinking to be creator selling old junk that SL trashed years ago...We don't need to go back to SL 2004 niter we came here to serve your dear economy Suz.
All this drama/agony speech is not about copybot, it's about sales and traffic, Zangrid is a pure desert only 351 active users going down every month everybody please check Zangrid 72 hours traffic line, Zangrid also refuses to delete stolen content from their asset servers all stolen from SL Maitreya, Blueberry, Belleza, Glam Affair, Slink, Signature, Addams,Just Because, Truth, Lelutka, Erratic, Laq, Redgrave, Amacci, EMO-tions, Exile, N-Core, KC, Pixel Mode Empire, Wasabi, Pils, Abranimations Vista Animations, Tutys Fanatik Botha Abiss, InVerse, Onsu Laq Headhunter's Island ... (more)
Suzblessed 8 months ago
I do think that it is out of order to talk about the people who like to create and sell in open sim like you do: this is also without respect. Many people who do sell their things did actually buy licences in sl from the creators and are allowed to sell. Many sl. creators also have written in their TOS that it is not allowed to give away those items for free. We respect this. And you bash on us all because we respect the people who made all you steal and give away for free? You can say anything about Zangrid, but not all people are as dumb as you might think, they know better. All the stuff you mentioned above we do not have as far as I know and when we do and I do know I ask the people to remove and they do . So what exactly is your point. You mention names of some creators in sl who are ... (more)
Goosson 8 months ago
Look around you. For many years opensim consist of stolen content. In a global sense, theft is theft and theft is evil. However, in this case, nothing can be done about it. We cant stop it. Many people think that Opensim is the refuge of pirates. But the blame lies not only on those who steal content, but also on Linden Labs, who take huge money from their users and can not protect their content. In addition, the creators live and work in SL. They sell their goods in SL and benefit in SL. Opensim can be regarded as a sandbox pampering. No one in Opensim benefits from stolen content. A real evil is when someone sells stolen for a currency in Opensim. As far as I know, freebies from Afes that can only be used on the territory of the Sacrarium grid. If you take items out on another grid and ... (more)
kiara 8 months ago
So because it's 'been there for years' and 'nothing can be done about it' is reason to encourage the tide of Maitreya/Argrace/Slink etc.? I agree we can never be totally sure that our goods are 100% legitimate but we can have the responsibility to limit the problem for and from ourselves. A personal choice and personal responsibility. We don't need to encourage it and welcome it with open arms. In my opinion it does us no favours at all and I stand by that. I intend no personal attack towards Afes - as I say, the damage is done - but actively encouraging the stolen content is, I feel, counter-productive, not beneficial to everything Opensim could stand for. Why create when we can steal from SL? So everyone can wear the same mesh Bento heads for a few weeks until they get bored? Is it ... (more)
Goosson 8 months ago
Countries have different copyright laws. In some countries, broader views on this issue and networks operate under this legislation. I do not know what laws are in the country where the Afes server is located. If to accuse of anything Afes, then it is necessary to do it proceeding from the local legislation. IMAO The problem of stolen content is spoken for years. But this does not mean that we now need to abandon shops like Afes. What should we do now? Most Grids do not have economic and the creators do not release Bento specifically for Opensim. If trading were developed in Opensim, all people would buy with pleasure licensed content. At this time all that freebe markets can do, it is banish a stolen traders. And Afes is not a root of this problem, it is just a one of consequence. We mus ... (more)
MikeLorrey 8 months ago
Almost all countries, other than, say, North Korea, are signatories to the GATT treaty and members of WIPO, which makes copyright a human right under the Bern Convention. Afes is in Russia, which is a signatory to all these.
I am in the process of talking to some bento creators to bring their work to Opensim. If all you want them to do is DMCA everything, then keep supporting these criminals here. If you want legal quality work in OS, then stop supporting these crooks in afes.
kiara 8 months ago
As an open forum, I merely offer my opinion and have stated thus. I also stated I was in no way attacking Afes personally - I don't know Afes - merely the distribution of clearly and obviously stolen content from SL of which this appears to be one such example of a growing number. This to some, including myself , is an alarming trend for the reasons I have stated. I make no mention of copyright law, globally or otherwise, - for me it's first and foremost, an ethical issue of personal responsibility - we can't avoid piracy entirely, but we can limit it, and we don't have to like it. And furthermore, blanketing an opposing view and roughly throwing it in a box called 'drama' (another recent 'trend' it seems) in my opinion is nothing more than disingenuous obfuscation. I said what I wanted to ... (more)
Goosson 8 months ago
Okay, thanks for voicing your opinion. This is without a doubt important and interesting for us. You raised a very acute problem. I apologize if my words hurt you personally. I did not want that. But when we talk about problems like stolen content, we must be careful and avoid to cast shadow on the specific personal’s reputation and their projects. And I agree with you that the community must resist piracy and do everything to avoid problems with copyright. Thank you for an interesting conversation. Good luck to you!
kiara 8 months ago
Not upset in the least (though thanks for your kind thoughts) - and 'stolen' is 'stolen', legally or otherwise, no matter how carefully it is uttered. Once again I insist I attack no-ones reputation, merely the growing trend for distributing others creations. You fail to acknowledge this - I am beating my head against a copybotted brick wall. Good luck to you also or for as long as this remains.
DominaCanning 8 months ago
Definitely the most luxurious sim in all hypergrid with the last updated content BEST BENTO MESH HEADS, BEST BENTO MESH BODYS, BEST MESH CLOTHES, TOP AO's BEST APPLIERS, BUILDINGS you name it, ALL FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!! i love it :-)))))))) NEVER miss this sim share the LM, there's no outdated content people are very friendly people, No spam No buy presure, Happy people all around. Amazing!!! TYTYTY Love you guys!!!!
simonaskytower 8 months ago
Gotta love AFES. Yes it is back up and running strong once again. So happy to see it return and offering the most up to date mesh packages in the metaverse. Highly detailed shops generously stocked for the most discerning avatar male or female.items .
Edina21 8 months ago
An excellent shopping district. The mesh here is wonderful.
VictorDeAngelo 9 months ago
Thank you so much for keeping with the spirit of FREE OpenSim. This is definitely one awesome region that is meant to be a help to everyone.
Freya12 9 months ago
YAY its back online :)
Freya12 9 months ago
I cant get there at the moment the region seems to be offline, any idea when it will be back online please?
StevenAries 10 months ago
I'm having trouble at the moment visiting from OSgrid will try again later. sounds like a good store.
Aferistka 10 months ago
I'm always able to find the perfect outfit and so much more in this vast shopping region. Stroll the many shops to find a wide variety of merchandise in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
WinteriPrima 10 months ago
This is a wonderful store.. great job :))
Goosson 10 months ago
The most intense free shop!
NandaRotunno 10 months ago
It has wonderful items, a pretty organized mall.
SheriffDawn 10 months ago
Very nice mall wonderful items Great job!
CaipiraAeon 11 months ago
Tem Tudo do melhor aqui kkkkkkk Parabéns kkkkkk TOP, TOP,TOP kkkkkk
gingerred 11 months ago
Nice mall , great stuff , total shop fest
YA_MAHA 11 months ago
Любимое место что бы пополнить инвентарь хорошими вещами !!!! Коля ты супер !!
EnchantedWanderer 11 months ago
Коля!!! Мы тебя любим и твой магаз тоже)))) Не уставай нас радовать)))))
NiLemon 12 months ago
Very pretty mall, well organized, really great!
Lisa78 12 months ago
Замечательный сим !!! Всем рекомендую
rhiannon 12 months ago
This is a great place to shop! I've been there several times and have seen new quality free items every time I go there! Lots of mesh appliers, bodies and household items. I highly recommend visiting this region!
anonymous 12 months ago
Everything is FREE
i love this sim keep up the good work AAA+
WaydaDreamscape 12 months ago
Wonderful sim only top Stuff, i get amazed everyday!!
Everything is FREE!!!!!
I hope our inventorys can hold so much lol
Thank you Afes great Job :-)
oopsee 12 months ago
wow a must !! So much free bring a big truck ;)))

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