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Virtual Life - mehr als nur shopping.

auf unserer Region findest Du neben den gut sortierten Shops auch ein römisches Roleplay mit angeschlossenem BDSM Bereich in einem gehobenen Ambiente.

Sex, Erotik und LifeStyle vereint auf einer 512 x 512 Regionm warten darauf von Dir erkundet und besucht zu werden. Du hast Interesse an unserem Role Play? Spreche uns Inworld an.

Dein Team von Virtual Life

Virtual Life - more than just shopping.

In addition to the well-stocked shops, you will also find a Roman Roleplay with an affiliated BDSM area in an upscale atmosphere in our region.

Sex, erotic and LifeStyle united on a 512 x 512 Regionm waiting for you to be explored and visited. You are interested in our Role Play? Talk to us inworld.

Your Virtual Life team

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stellabinasunshine 2 days ago
New Shop with exlusive Women Clothings on this Sim
coder 19 days ago
Virtual Life Weihnachtsevent

In der Zeit vom 01.12.2018 bis einschl. 24.12.2018 haben wir ein großes Weihnachtsspezial.
Wir haben den Weihnachtsmann beraubt und die erbeuteten Geschenke auf unserer Pride City verteilt.
Finde diese und Du darfst das Geschenk behalten.
Wir haben diverse Avatare, DH$ und Dragon Fire erbeutet und auf dem Weg nach Hause wieder auf der SIM verloren.
Virtual Life Christmas Event

In the period from 01.12.2018 to 24.12.2018 we have a big Christmas special.
We robbed Santa Claus and distributed the looted gifts on our Pride City.
Find these and you can keep the gift.
We have captured various avatars, DH $ and Dragon Fire and lost on the way back home on the SIM.
JoschSchmitz 20 days ago
Beautiful SIM, very nice furry avas
coder 2 months ago
Aufruf zur Selbsthilfe:
Werte Grid Betreiber, das kopieren von SL items ist das eine. Aber sind wir nun wirklich so tief gesunken, dass wir uns innerhalb von OpenSim "beklauen" lassen müssen? Ich denke nicht. Auch wenn ich mich hier vermutlich weit aus dem Fenster lehne, eröffne ich nun eine Black List mit Grids, die nachweislich in Opensim klauen.

Call for self-help:
Values ​​grid operators, copying SL items is one thing. But have we really sunk so low that we have to be "cheated" within OpenSim? I do not think so. Although I presumably lean far out of the window here, I now open a black list with grids that are proven to steal in Opensim.
scanners 10 days ago
ohh da steh ich ja drauf .. wie komme ich zu der Ehre. Ich wüsste nicht, das bei mir was von euch steht? LG Jana Neustadt.
MoeHawkins 3 months ago
Today come´s the New male Meshbody with autohide System. In 1H we start the Body welcome Party here
coder 4 months ago
We present
Stardesign Interactive Clothing Version 4
New features

Only in
DevinBetsen 4 months ago
have tried to get to this grid but keep being told it doesnt exist. New to opensims since IW shut down and looking around.
latexboygirl 5 months ago
nothing on that anymore
all is gone
coder 5 months ago
Hi Latexboygirl,

we changed the sim design and placed the content on different sims.
JimmyOlsen 6 months ago
Have seen some commentaries about "Fake money" to be used to get objects there. Is there as special place there to go and get it? ME and a friend were there for like 30 min and no virtual money was given to us.
JamieLeon 7 months ago
Ich bin einfach gerne dort und ich bin froh so liebe Menschen kennengelernt zu haben.
VictorDeAngelo 7 months ago
Having just arrived and waiting for the region to rez, the owner appeared and immediately booted me and then banned me from the region. I would recommend that you avoid this sim as it obviously is owned by someone who is dysfunctional. In the meantime, enjoy visiting all of the many regions in the HG that are friendly, warm, and welcoming.
coder 7 months ago
Mr VictorDeAngelo is a known person. After his visits you find your items in his sims. This items are not marked as free to copy ,,,,
James102 6 months ago
Lol i have nothing against copybotters and like the ones who give items full perm but ones like you who then cry over being copybotted make me laugh,
JimmyOlsen 6 months ago
yeah lol u can even see from pic some buildings that are sold at SL and rezzed at that sim lol
latexboygirl 5 months ago
or item that he didnt made also on mare grid
was from my friend
but free and he copy
AlmaMiranda 7 months ago
I hope he will tell you the reason here
stellabinasunshine 8 months ago
Nach dem Umbau wurde Die City noch besser viele neue Sachen sind zu finden, einfach geil. bin froh dort wieder einen Shop eröffnen zu dürfen. das Spielgeld (Fake Money) ist wunderbar um an den echtzeit RP Teilzunehmen was in diesem Grid scheinbar täglich läuft . Egal ob shopping, Biker MC, Rotlichtbezirk, Diner oder das Ozzy Konzert es macht einfach Spass.

After the conversion, the city was even better to find many new Stuff, just great. I'm glad to open a shop there again. The play money (fake money) is wonderful to participate in the real time RP which seems to be daily in this grid. Whether shopping, biker MC, red light district, diner or the Ozzy Concert it's just fun.
Winters 8 months ago
Beautiful region .... whoever made this place is very skilled ... found many free items not seen in other grids so well worth the visit and will return for more .. also the coins used to buy are totally free so go get a pocket full ;)
coder 8 months ago
Thank you for this wonderfull coment ..
goonie 8 months ago
not sure why they use fake money but hey it is free so who cares hehehehe ... found some amazing furry avi's ... ty so much
coder 8 months ago
Thank you goonie... in the next time we will rescue mor Furry avas...
ALTERNATES_SUCK 8 months ago
Awesome FREEBIE grid ... everything here is FREE ... they give you fake money to buy everything and the content is awesome !!
coder 8 months ago
exactly. we dont accept globit or the other trash. here is all free. wit a little bit luck you can win at the money chairs.
KrypticKayos 1 years ago
I went to this sim by accident. The people were very nice and they said hello. Which is super nice especially since I speak another language than they do. I also, did not look like everyone else there. The place was huge and the music was amazing. I had a good visit.
coder 1 years ago
Thank you very much ..
I hope we see us again in Virtual Life
Tigger_Puschelpaw 1 years ago
Spontan Party HAMMER Deutsch Mega FUN Geiler DJ

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Pride City grid brings inovation and unique stuf all the time, It updates Opensim like few others. Ty for your great work!!! :-)
An awesome grid full of FREE quality content not found in other places ... the money you use to buy the items is totally free and has no connection to an economy ... go get some good stuff ;)))
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