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Yosemite DW Park with Hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s and More brought to you by YJ the DJ and Twilight-Radio.com.
We've got the woods, falls, lake and of course the party area in a woodsy surrounding.

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minstrel 12 months ago
Nice quiet place to relax ... play some games .... listen to some good music ... hang with great people !!
Sexxylady 12 months ago
nice place to hangout with friends!!! tooo bad the greedy table HATES me!!!
Great music too! :)
mysticmoonlight 12 months ago
great place come listen to the oldies n play some greedy with yj and bossy and friends ,,,enjoy the scenery that surrounds this place..promise u will enjoy your visits i sure do!!
autumn919 2 years ago
This is a beautiful and peaceful place where you can relax, listen to some great oldies music and enjoy dancing with friends or meeting new people as well. Well done, YJ.
YJDude 1 years ago
Thank you so much, Autumn.. I really appreciate it a lot.
Arcavius 2 years ago
Woot! Nice region, YJ! Great setting for a retreat or group event. Let's have a picnic! The dance area is so beautiful, especially at night! And the music makes me feel nostalgic. Thanks for sharing your creativity!
YJDude 2 years ago
My Pleasure, Arc.. thanks so much. Need to put a PiNic table under the big tree near the dance floor ;)
NikkiDaKitti 2 years ago
Awesome Place, with all the wooded land and lake. All sorts of critters around the woods and a really neat lake home. I love it. Great classic music, also.
YJDude 2 years ago
Thank for all the support thus-far.. Way coool
YJDuder 2 years ago
What a great place to just chill out and listen to some awesome classic tunes. Both rock and country.. Great Mountain atmosphere here also. I love to just chill on one of the inner tubes in the swimming area near the lake house and listen to the tunes.

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