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Calling All Men


Hi all, sorry that there has not been much happening at #AvaloniaFemdom the last few months, but as said in earlier posts I decided to allow things to be quiet over the summer period as interest in virtual worlds wane during the summer months as more people spend time outside instead of inside at their computers and in world.

August is just about to begin with many people away on their holidays, but right after this we are into September and October as the autumn will start to draw nigh.

So as promised it is now time to start the ball rolling. A new addition to Avalonia Femdom is the male strip club that is in the "Lost Spirits" dark gothic cathedral on #AvaloniaFemdom. The idea here is that this is a cathedral that is gothic in nature and no longer devoted to all things "holy" but to debauchery. When fully up and running it will be a place where Ladies can come in a relaxed environment and enjoy some naughty fun watching our gentlemen strip and dance for their amusement and entertainment.

So in order for that to happen I am now looking to recruit some guys who would like to become male strippers at Avalonia on a regular basis. If this interests you here is what we are looking for :-

What We Are Looking For

1 - Ideally you should be into or at least open to the idea of Femdom. This isn't 100% a deal breaker as long as you are willing to act in accordance with our Femdom ideals whilst at Avalonia.

2 - It will help if you are an exhibitionist or at least like the idea of being on show - we are not looking for prudes or those who may be shy.

3 - You should have more than a passing interest - This isn't a paid position it will be voluntary, so you need to be serious about wanting to do this. If you would like to do this 'just to give it a try' you are probably not what I am looking for. I am looking to have regular weekly or fortnightly shows so I am looking for guys that would like to be part of this on a regular basis.

4 - You should have a fun easy going personality - sorry but if you are 'nerd' that only likes to talk about computers or some such this isn't for you. You should be able to engage Female visitors and hold a conversation whilst you dance without boring them to death :)

5 - You should have a reasonable and well put together male avatar. No noob looking men. Women like to see handsome sexy guys - especially if you are stripping. There is plenty of quality free and pay for content in the open metaverse, so there is no excuse to look noobish or unattractive.

6 - You should be open to sexy fun - although I cannot guarantee it, there will be times when a Lady will want more than just to see some strippers and may in fact want sexy fun times. If you are just wanting free sex all the time you are not what we are looking for, but you should be open to it. You may wish to consider if this is ok with you before applying.

7 - Previous experience isn't necessary - however you must be able to work in a team. Most times there will be other guys dancing with you and so we are looking for guys who can work with others and not try to take over and dominate shouting others down or getting jealous if some other guy is getting attention.

8 - Finally sexuality - For our purposes your sexuality is not really an issue. We are a Femdom community and so our focus and purpose is to entertain Women. But if you are gay that's fine as long as you don't mind dancing for Women. Avalonia Femdom male strip club if for Ladies only, guys other than strippers will not be allowed in the club. There are other grids and venues that cater to those different lifestyles and sexualities - we have nothing against that at all, but at Avalonia our focus is on Femdom.

If after reading this you think it is something you may be interested in please contact me in any of the following ways:-

1. Send me a private message here in Opensimworld.com
2. Send me a note card in world to Justin Ireman by visiting Avalonia (hg.avalonia-estate.co.uk:8002)
3. Send an email to justin.ireman@avalonia-estate.co.uk


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