Region News

Archael | April 18, 2017, 15:27 | 0 comments
From now on, You can had HG VisionZ magazines at "Icosphere". Thanks to Sunbeam Magic for her help :)
Archael | April 11, 2017, 13:40 | 0 comments
From now on, you arrive in a teleportation room (Star Trek like) to simplify your visit. Many teleporters take you back to the starting point. Thanks to Wayden Dreamscape for his great contribution, to Cherry Manga for his many parts of build, to Lani Global for his scripts and his kindness, and thanks to all those who unknowingly participated in the development of this region. Many surprises are yet to come.
Archael | April 6, 2017, 21:35 | 0 comments
From now, there is a shop with free avatars and Sci-fi stuff. Full perm