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Teddys Shopping Mall
Great Canadian
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Lucky Chairs, freebies, over 30 group gifts, tobacco, animated food and drinks, BBQ, dressing tables, pianos, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, office furniture,free jewels, wears, sleeping bags & tents, tropical furniture, sunbath towels, trees, flowers, teddy bears, and free houses & tree houses,....

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Excellent region ! Many freebies like clothes and jewelry and, most of all teddy bears !!

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scanners 3 months ago
A sim full of garbage. In addition, some also want money for the scrap
Honeymoon 3 months ago
if you don't like it , don't come back !
JustynTyme 5 months ago
Anyone know where I can get the game GREEDY from for ALife Virtual?
Bonnie 3 months ago
Justyn did you get it?
Honeymoon 7 months ago
I have put some Lucky Chairs with dressing table, lamp, fountain, jewels, sunbath towel,..... You just need to wait for your first name letter to be the good one ;-)

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New creations in Jewels & Lilly's wears shops... location : Teddys Shopping Mall You'll find many free creations there too ... for boys and girls ;-) group gifts and Lucky Chairs !
3 months ago - 0 comments
More full perms scripts free to copy in Party Time shop... maybe you'll be lucky and find the one you were looking for ;-) If you're from a different grid and wish to buy with Gloebit money, send an IM to Honey Baudin... I'll put what you need in a box for sale in a shop I have in a Gloebit Mall....Thanks, Honey
4 months ago - 0 comments
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