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Tropical Life
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Still under construction and testing so be nice ;)

It is just a place to come hang out with friends and play with the water toys ..

Bring some friends, hang out, drive some water toys, fly some sea jets, just have fun ..

Our grid mantra is "Social not Stuff", while having toys to play with is great, having great friends to share them with is better.

*This is an 8x8 var (64 regions) so it might take a bit for the land to rez when you TP in.
*Region marked Adult, because you never know what will happen at the beach.

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BillBlight Added a couple publicly flyable Sea Jets, we take no responsibility if they blow up on you, they have been known to self destruct. But UNTIL they blow up , they are very fun to drive/fly. Bring along a couple of friends , they do have 3 seats.
3 days ago - 0 comments
BillBlight Added some hang gliders, these are vehicles not wearables , there is a platform to rez them. (just made the script today so it may have a few bugs)
9 days ago - 0 comments
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Stomp Some Sand Dance Party
31 Mar 2017 07:00 pm SLT
This will be our inaugural dance party on the Tropical Life region.. Come dance, float, drive, party, and hang out with friends in the sand. Live DJ provided for the event.
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