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Genesis Park
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Welcome Home, Genesis MetaVerse is commited to being cost effective, Hypergrid enabled, Regions start from $7.95 a month, you can even grab a 30 free trial region.

Our new and vastly improved welcome center has been opened to the public on Genesis Park

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DJEJay 8 days ago
They've decided to take the money and run, very sad. no support what so ever.
DJEJay 8 days ago
DJEJay 9 days ago
And still no updates, Does anyone watch this page or the three other pages here?
DJEJay 10 days ago
We need updates here as to how long the grid will be down for the updates, It was said the grid will be down with minimal interruption and its been 2 days :-(
Cataplexia 8 months ago
Genesis is a warm friendly grid with lots of good people and a big "to do" list. They recently underwent some scenic beautification of the welcome area and added a beautiful park and landscape. I am happy to have my store and a lovely 4x4 VAR there making it one of my homes in open sim!- Cataplexia Numbers- Alternate Metaverse
venusviperess 8 months ago
Fantastic place to call home , growing weekly in numbers with residents and creators ,Very friendly-Very helpful-Very good for your money-Brimming with potential to become one of the best out there in VR worlds .Staff are amazing and respond very quickly.Downtime is virtually non existent considering its still in its early stages . And its continually upping the standards in giving you the best possible experience. Once i arrived i never left .its home .
rocapc 9 months ago
Why is it here if closed for foreign users?
DragonHeart 8 months ago
It isnt closed, never has been

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