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SpaxOrion | July 26, 2017, 18:09 | 0 comments
ALL ADULT CONTENT 10% OFF until August 1, 2017 - See SimGEAR on the Kitely Market!
SpaxOrion | May 23, 2017, 05:18 | 0 comments
YouTUBE: SimGEAR Presents: Opensim Living with Spax Orion. When I have free time, I will be uploading video tutorials which will help some of you enhance your virtual life. Details are on the Ozone Listing. Contact me if any of you have show ideas.
SpaxOrion | May 10, 2017, 08:06 | 0 comments
NEW LOCATIONS have now opened up! Visit Planet Ozone and check out our underwater ecosystem or visit Club Imbrium on the molten moon surface! There is a lot to see at the OZONE EXPERIENCE!
SpaxOrion | April 20, 2017, 13:34 | 0 comments
BDSM in SPACE! 500+ Animation Dungeon NOW OPEN! Try our NEW equipment before it hits the Market!
SpaxOrion | April 13, 2017, 21:02 | 0 comments
It has been discovered that NPC rezzing and de-rezzing can cause jittering and viewer lag on legacy hardware. A noticeable improvement has been achieved by allowing NPCs to run continuously rather than having them appear when people come into range. My NPC Workshop tutorials have been updated with this information. Thanks Greybox (Vesperport) for that tip!
SpaxOrion | March 17, 2017, 06:53 | 0 comments
FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! All adult furniture has been MARKED DOWN! Visit SimGEAR on the Kitely market and have any of our goods exported to your grid of choice!
SpaxOrion | February 27, 2017, 16:59 | 0 comments
NEW SimGEAR FREEBIES have been added to our shopping area. We also have exclusive adult content you will not find anywhere else. All items exportable, no special currency required.
SpaxOrion | January 10, 2017, 13:53 | 1 comments
Thanks to some feedback from my visitors (Thanks Arc), Club Ozone now has a laser light-show the likes of which I have never seen anywhere on Opensim (or SL for that matter). The entire nightclub is hud controlled and a real treat to see. I spent a great deal of time learning how lighting consoles work in virtual worlds and developed a low lag system of my own. I may consider putting a display like this in my store if there is enough demand for it. Feedback appreciated.