GCG Communications

Marianna Marianna posted an update December 11, 2016, 18:42

Welcome to GCG Communications. Do you have a virtual news publication or vlog series based in The Great Canadian Grid or the Hypergrid that you’d like to have featured here? We’d love to have you and offer you that opportunity. This region is home to the GCG official publication The GCG Canadian Sun and our headquarters have a home here. We do offer the option of satellite offices for other organizations in the form of display spaces that let readers and viewers know what you do. These are intended to be displays for promotion for hypergrid users but you can also use them as practical spaces to work on any cross promotions you have in your publication related to the Great Canadian Grid. Local organizations can of course use them as a home base for their work.

We have a few guidelines that need to be adhered to for the long term holding of a space on the GCG Communications region. Failure to do so may result in termination of the agreement and your space on GCG Communications.

1. No heavily scripted items so that everyone can enjoy a low lag experience on the region. We strongly prefer you do not use bots or NPCs. Some versions of that are lower than others but if we notice a lagging version it will be removed so it’s best to just not use them at all to begin with.
2. You may promote your media source but not any specific other grid while you are here setting up or working. We’re not offering this space so other grids can advertise. Use social media for that but respect where you are within our space.
3. Your publication or vlog must have some mention or cross promotion of events or regions within the Great Canadian Grid. This is an exchange and GCG is on the hypergrid. We will happily mention the work you do as well.
4. Keep your display areas, contained, neat and don’t clutter up the landscaping in front of the building. The creation of this region was very intentional and we want to work with the intention the creators had in mind to appreciate their efforts.
5. Cross posting between publications is a wonderful thing but please only do so with consent and communication from the other publication and the writer whose work you would be posting. Credit your sources for any cross posting fully and appropriately.

If you agree to the above guidelines, then contact Marianna Monentes to start a dialogue and the set up of your space. And welcome aboard!


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