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GCG Welcome
Great Canadian
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Our Welcome GCG Pub for everyone!..Hypergrid and Resident partys!
Random Partys with free beer! lol.
Located on The Great Canadian Grid.

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great Canadian grid is the best grid and events at the gcg welcome are lots of fun

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Tigerkitti2014 21 days ago
Our grid has so many friendly helpful people. We love to get together and have fun too! The party on Mondays with Roddie dj'ing is always a hit! Come on out and see!
lannorra 23 days ago
GCG is a great grid with fun people. Drop by one of our events and you will see! :)
Marianna 23 days ago
What a GREAT time! We had a party March 20th that was such a blast! https://www.greatcanadiangrid.ca/gcg-v...

Tigerkitti Eberdene led the residents in Michael Jackson's Thriller! Can be seen here https://www.greatcanadiangrid.ca/gcg-v...

Thank you Roddie Macchi for such great sets! It's a night you don't wanna miss :)
Amaranthim 4 months ago
/me hugs her GCG! I love it here- gives a Creator wings! No pressure- no huge expenses- just freedom to Create and enjoy others' creations - Come visit GCG and find out why we love it so!
ConfratorMaximus 4 months ago
Simply no comparison with any of the other grids. Great management with people that realy care, the family feel and the overall quality of stuff and services. Beatifull RP lands too with many positions available, free housing, free all time support, and much more.
Looking to be part of a fun and loving community at no cost ? Look no further, you found it !
Hope to welcome you soon.
Tigerkitti2014 4 months ago
Awesome grid. Our owner Roddie is so involved and approachable. Friendly, welcoming people. LOTS to see and explore here
sirswaghorse 9 months ago
have been part of this grid for a few years i think its been now people are very friendly grid owner is friendly land is affordable events at the gcg welcome are also lots of fun
ShellyVola 11 months ago
By far the friendliest and most active Grid I've seen. The sweetest kindest gentle people who really care about their grid! Super Well Done!
Reyndeer 1 years ago
I have been through the welcome process and I keep going back and pretending I'm new to keep seeing the wonderful people that work there. It's a big opensim, and those people are an important part of why I chose the GCG - soft landing. :)
BlondieGayMan 1 years ago
I joined GCG 1 year, 7 months ago. Still here! >;)~

Now, where is that Tim Hortons Coffee I was promised? ehehehehe

While on here, why not check out


Search for that and you can TP to it.
It's under dev right now, so not much to see. But as I find time to build, I have some plans that I hope will be cool (building a mountain climbing adventure with hopefully some fun elements) :)
JudiNewall 1 years ago
Affordable land for builders to play in. Friendliest folks in the metaverse!
Shawnesy 1 years ago
Totally awesome place! TY Roddie!
dawn2 1 years ago
Enjoying the GCG, So nice to be able to afford a full region/with plenty of prims,i can learn to build to my hearts content, with a lot of help from the awesome people here,A lot of very cool items are free to decorate all.,and thank you for ,, the awesome designers here , I sure need them,anyway just saying very cool Grid , lots of clubs and stores for all, so happy i m here /with my RL daughter, Thank you Roddie, great job:))))
Boboolie 1 years ago
I LOVE this place! Feels like home! I'll never leave :D
DoctorSong 1 years ago
The best in everything Best customer service best support, best people friendly comfortable affordable secure .
maxdillon 1 years ago
Great place to hangout and have lots of fun with friends and family. Everyone should visit at least once get a taste of Canada! . I highly recommend it !
gemini 1 years ago
We can always get a party going! GCG is my home forever...come join us :)
Falconvale 1 years ago
The minute you set foot on Canadian soil it feels like home. I came to visit... 2 years ago... and stayed. I haven't found a better, warmer, friendlier or more helpful community in all my travels through the Metaverse. Come visit... and stay for a year or so. *smiles*
cookie 1 years ago
The Best Grid!!!!!!
Paystreak 1 years ago
It is called The Great Canadian Grid for a reason. Its GREAT eh!
litehouse 1 years ago
A Place to call home , and have a few !
Tiller100 1 years ago
Iiller is my Web name.I am Smokey Putzo in world.
Simply the Best.Better than ALL the rest.Owner cares that things are right and fair.I have been there since the very beginning.It is a Canadian Grid so unlike our RL weather it is very warm here on our home. :)
annawright 1 years ago
They really do have free beer:)
Marianna 1 years ago
Warm welcomes and great parties :)
wintersilversmith 1 years ago
A great region that was the birthplace of the best community in the metaverse.

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