Mystic Isle I

Mystic Isle I
Island Oasis
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HEART OF DARKNESS -Located in Island Oasis (a commercial grid) Themed region for Commercial or Residential use. Boasts parcels offering 6,000 prim each only $350/wk. This Dark region is perfect for those merchants catering to the darker or fantasy side of virtual life and for residents who may wish to build their residential home there. The sim features a central garden that is open for any tenant there to use for events or hanging out. The entire region is surrounded by large rock formation mountains and has a cycle of Dragon life with them migrating in, building nests, laying eggs and hatchlings through out the year on the sim surrounds.


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SirenDarkstone 3 days ago
LOVE this environment!!! Speaks to my soul :-)
ValerianaWeston 3 months ago
Cool looking environment. I know someone who would really like that. I will send them your name.
VictorDeAngelo 4 months ago
Why would anyone set up a region asking for lindens in OpenSims where everything is free???
CandiGenesis 3 months ago
Victor i've been reading your "reviews" and to be honest you have no clue wth you're talking about........OpenSim is not "supposed" to be FREE, it is what each grid owner choses to make it, second, quality comes at a price....just because you expect everything for free doesn't mean that is how it is "supposed" to be.
AlysinDarkstone 3 months ago
Seems like this is a way to try to make others look bad to pimp out your own., which is very tacky and not very community friendly. Seems very underhanded. This is from YOUR page.
>>> Life Estates Life Estates
Where everything is free! Free houses, parcels, furniture, clothing, garden, cars...freebies galore! Should you want to be one of the wealthy residents who reside here, check out the visitors center for details. Welcome home to the Free Life Estates in the Lost Paradise!
AlysinDarkstone 3 months ago
I have no idea why you commented that in my region. We dont ask for lindens here and this is Island Oasis my regions are PAID for not FREE.

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