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Italian themed shopping mall FREE for all your needs, furniture, avi, skin, hair , clothes male/female, outdoors, cars, decoration, military, space, army, fairy tale, houses,

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CreyJackson 2 months ago
Well set up region. It is a shame that the lag is so bad when trying to move around to view it all.
TonyaKimber 8 months ago
Enjoyed coming here.. But cant move walk fly or nothing when I get here.. I hope you get this fixed soon
Monalilla 8 months ago
Hi TonyaKimber, sorry for the inconvenience, it must have been the period when my server was transferred to a different server. Checking now, I have no issues flying, or moving around at this moment.
xxj3ssycaxx 8 months ago
seem to be loaded with great stuff but cant move .. i cant walk i cant sit i cant fly !!
Monalilla 8 months ago
I hope the freez was fixed after the sim was transferred to a different server. At the moment no problem moving around.
KrypticKayos 1 years ago
Great place to shop with many floors. So much to enjoy and the fact that is free is just awesome. Thank you, for your amazing shop.
Monalilla 1 years ago
Thank you for your kind feedback:)
PurrfecttKatt 1 years ago
You really need to fix your world, its very laggy but now you cannt move at all, it does a hundred script errors before it makes you crash
Monalilla 1 years ago
Thank you for your feedback, after OS latest upgrade, my visitor board giving me trouble on all sims I have, removed it, I think lag is fixed, just walked through without problem, consider how many object I have there, over 40k prim count , it's a miracle it's till running. I hope you will have a better experience next time.
SpaxOrion 1 years ago
Along the same lines to what Katt was saying, Your ZHAO products are throwing exceptions in a repeated loop, maybe you might consider removing those.
Monalilla 1 years ago
thank you for your feedback, working on it
kindraTurian 2 years ago
I have already commented about Emporium in the past, but I have to give Monalilla another shout out. She made some items for our themed world that are bar none- the best I have ever seen. I believe the reason Monalilla has such a great reputation for those that know her is she listens, she researches and she comes up with items that are true to what you request. She is one of my all time favorite designers here and if you are looking for UNIQUE things that you don't see anywhere else- go to her stores. One suggestion I would have is that there are so many things in her stores that it's hard to walk around even after 15 minutes so I am not sure who is hosting your sims but it's pretty slow- I can suggestion someone on osgrid if you are interested. Love you Monalilla - you are really one of a kind!
Monalilla 1 years ago
Thank you for your praise and kindness and hosting my store on your grid at Sardar, anyone who is looking for Gorean style items,should visit. The lag is constantly addressed, I think Reps my host just worked on it this weekend, and it seems the lag is gone. Thank you for your feedback:)
kindraTurian 2 years ago
Love this mall and there is a satellite store in the city of Turia on Counter Earth Grid
Monalilla 2 years ago
Indeed I do have it, will post it at Emporium as well. Thank you for your kindness Kindra:)
VictorDeAngelo 2 years ago
Awesome! Another amazing addition to the world of FREE OpenSims...The owners deserve a big mega-kudos for a job well done!!!
Monalilla 2 years ago
thank you for your kind word:)

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