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Sassafrass Fetish Club

Sassafrass. 1. One who is sassy and fine. Also a term of endearment, or used to describe someone who has just delighted you.

All welcome here ... three freebie stores with some new oopsee creations plus other hundreds of quality mesh goodies, town with adult flickr gallery, frisky pool hall. and surrounding dense forest with a big lake opens to the ocean ... no porn but highly erotic ... think sexy classy, sassafrassy ;0
Public exhibitionism approved of and public sex is possible within semi private areas.
If your shy but enjoy this kind of atmosphere please come, all friendly ;)))
Super for submissive meeting dominate, no discrimination for gender benders or any sexual orientation. Just a place to express yourself as you feel,
Find a group joiner at entrance to club or in the town - please feel free to use group chat to meet, find, connect with other members and help build a community of fun.
really hope you enjoy cause I made it just for you,
oni kiri

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Speed Design Fun Accuracy

Cool place! I was greeted by T. almost as soon as I got there and he was a very polite and courteous person. After chatting with him a bit I continued browsing around the place and I must say they have some very cool and unique freebies. After I was finished browsing I met Oni and chatted with him a...

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KrypticKayos 8 days ago
Everything you need and more. What else could you ask for. Constantly updated and growing with great people and great items.
Ty for creating sassafrass
Latisha_Jones 15 days ago
There is more content here than humanly possible to remember, let alone take home with you for free. Probably the best source for that ("I wonder if there is one in the metaverse") object or script. If Allah shines on you, it will be the latest version and did I already say free?
TyphaineArtez 16 days ago
Glad to see Adachi is back :)
falene 26 days ago
very sympatical area, sympatical peoples and very good items
simonaskytower 27 days ago
My inspiration to start yet another similar mall in Diamond Sands also in Metropolis. Love you Oni, and thank you so much for all your hellp!
AngelaBarzane 1 months ago
wow wow wow this sim is like 10 markets and 1000 mals in one and all free as i love, i could spend months here, i also see new stuff everyday, it became my source nr 1 in all hypergrid, people are amazing and Oni a sweet ty ty ty ty :-)))))))))))))
Illusive.cake 1 months ago
I adore this place! It's the reason I joined metrogrid, and Oni is a sweetheart. (Two main reasons I joined metro) : P This is a literal 1-stop place for avatars. You can complete a look and or outfit just by coming here. :D
NandaRotunno 2 months ago
The best!
SheriffDawn 3 months ago
I love this region… Oopsse is such an amazing creator and such a wonderful friend. :)) I encourage every one to visit her wonderful region to enjoy all her hard work..
Live long and prosper & enjoy all this wonderful region has to offer.. Make it so!!!
anonymous 4 months ago
I have been to a lots of places throughout my years, but i have never been welcomed like i was here, I gained a true honest friend,(friends) & brought my business to the sim also..Why not join us for some fun, I am your all request DJ with tours from around the Universe for "The Sound Sensation" 8)
IHadADream 4 months ago
I don't know why i am commentin' on this place, lmao cuz i likes it :)
1ChristyBendan 4 months ago
Love this place! Great Freebie Shop, Art Gallery, and Adult Entertainment. Beautifully decorated. Lots to see and do. Friendly people, great place to hang out or shop.
gingerred 4 months ago
Great place , awesome stuff , and good people
Bigman1 4 months ago
Awesome sim of a friendly and kind owner, i would definitely raccommand to everyone, high quality stuff !
mina 4 months ago
very nice sim run by a very nice persone great stuff there so friendly
NayaLani 4 months ago
♥♥♥♥ Adachi. So much to explore with great people. maim. ♥ eet!
Merci oni
dragonfist.osgrid 4 months ago
Lots of great stuff here..and the owner is friendly.
RoyaleSun 4 months ago
Wow! Great freebies, great variety and super friendly owner!! Don't miss the opportunity to visit and enjoy!
ORCArey 4 months ago
Hihi :) So Many things and such good quality. The owner is amazing, and the mesh freebies are Fabulous. Have ~Fun!~
Korgi 4 months ago
Awesome region, with many friendly people! Come and check out the great free content offered and stay for the hospitality. :)
Xanax 5 months ago
Love this place and the people are so nice :)
Cataplexia 5 months ago
I LOVE Sassafrass! The shopping is free and phenominal! I think Oni- the owner- has collected the entirte world ans sorted it in boxes to give to us all- what a giving person and fabulous place! Whether you like "kinks" or just having a great time- check out the parties here! I was so happy to DJ one yesterday and meet the crowd who came to party- no holds barred! - Cataplexia Numbers
italianmeat 5 months ago
Fantastic place !! Love the design of the land and like everyone has said lots of nice freebies and wonderful people there to meet. A definate place to go and visit and spend some time meeting people and of course getting those great freebies. Thank you for making this place for everyone to come and visit and keep up the great work as always :)
Cruella 5 months ago
Amazing place Always some new things to find
OttovonOtter 5 months ago
A great place for shopping, no matter what you're looking for. Trees, cars, fashion, mesh bodies, decoration, funny avatars ... even the shops are copyable. Met some very nice people, too. Five stars, thumbs up and many thanks for running this place!
henryprix 5 months ago
it is a amazing store, but Oni is more amazing :3
CaipiraAeon 5 months ago
Thanks Thanks Thanks
Very nice sim
MartinikaPearl 5 months ago
Omg so much, got all a was looking for now! Friendly an nice people all around, have to return! Many thanks Oni you were great.
AmunRiseN 5 months ago
An exquisite place to spend time between free high quality items and very courteous people (warmly recommended).
Klinzia 5 months ago
awesome place.. really thanks so much for this!! :D

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