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Sassafrass Fetish Club

Sassafrass. 1. One who is sassy and fine. Also a term of endearment, or used to describe someone who has just delighted you.

All welcome here ... three freebie stores with some new oopsee creations plus other hundreds of quality goodies, town with adult flickr gallery, frisky pool hall. dark church and surrounding dense forest with a fetish club in the center ... no porn but highly erotic ... think sexy classy, sassafrassy ;0
Public exhibitionism approved of and public sex is possible within semi private areas.
If your shy but enjoy this kind of atmosphere please come, all friendly ;)))
Super for submissive meeting dominate, no discrimination for gender benders or any sexual orientation. Just a place to express yourself as you feel,
Find a group joiner at entrance to club or in the town - please feel free to use group chat to meet, find, connect with other members and help build a community of fun.
really hope you enjoy cause I made it just for you,
oni kiri

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Speed Design Fun Accuracy

Only been to one of the places but amazingly designed and very, very friendly people. Love the freebies and the styles offered as well as the naughty tastes shared. Hope to meet some fun-loving freaks like myself :]

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Sig_Waddington yesterday
Most Awesome Place, decor, buildings props immerse you, Lighting is fantastic. Oh and the boxes and boxes of stuff. Its going to take 4ever just to look through. Well organized on the sim, terrible organization in my inventory :) Thank you so much for the wonderful build, thank you for the boxed buildings, landscape, clothes, airports equipment etc etc. Oni = wonderfully friendly.
Lagertha 2 days ago
Lots of nice goodies here, thank you..
lady_fuddy 12 days ago
As always Oopsee you did a very nice job. The sim has a beautiful landscape and the freebies are so good organized , ready to be in folders in our inventory. Thank you so much for all the goodies. I ll come again. Hugs.
ReneeWryter 1 months ago
great place very well done ....very much worth a visit
StassiSusanti 1 months ago
My visit here was really enjoyable! I loved the way the place was laid out simply amazing to explore & lets not forget the great music! The land owner/ group owner and company are very outgoing which is a plus. They have worked so hard to bring A-W-E-S-O-M-E freebies and mesh builds to us \O/! oooooh la-la-lala MESH!! Speed, Design, Fun, and Accuracy 5 stars hands down. Thanks for the great experience!
BelovedlyBazil 1 months ago
Only been to one of the places but amazingly designed and very, very friendly people. Love the freebies and the styles offered as well as the naughty tastes shared. Hope to meet some fun-loving freaks like myself :]
tutti 1 months ago
One of the best places I have found in these worlds. Great people. Great, quality stuff. Thank you so much Oni for opening up this little slice of heaven in these virtual worlds.
cwolf701 1 months ago
Sassafrass is a great place to visit you can find anything and everything you in one stop. The owner of the sim is very helpful as well. I recommend anyone to check it out.:))
sweetfacegood 1 months ago
Ty for such wonderful hospitality Oni Ty for the freebies and i recommend everyone visit the Region you wont be dissapointed. :)
WaydaDreamscape 1 months ago
This is what makes Opensim great,
Wonderfull Job!!! Top Stuff!!! 7 Stars!!!
And best of all you have a beautiful soul you do care about others, thank you my friend! :-))))
Sweetiepie 2 months ago
Awesome region to set up your avatar when new, lots of quality free things. Amazing!
AuroraYup 2 months ago
Getting avi set up and have met friendly, helpful people willing to teach what I want to know, unlike other selfish grids!
Slowhand 2 months ago
A very wonderful region, Thank you very much for sharing it.
SheMale 2 months ago
ty oni to be my friend
xishi 2 months ago
Oni is the sassy one :) Always friendly and willing to chat. The place is growing in popularity and deservedly so.
kiki_baily 3 months ago
Very nice region, thanks for freebies.
When I was there, the region was graded again, but I will come back :)
oopsee 3 months ago
Hi Kiki, ty for the thumbs up and nice comment .... region was switched to new server for better performance so when you come back should be better performance ;)))
alex 3 months ago
Very creative and often new things here too. Low lag and a really nice setup!
italianmeat 6 months ago
You have done a Fantastic Job once again Oopsee its just Beautiful :)
nellie 6 months ago
Beautifully done, - rich and atmospheric, - lovely work! enjoyed my visit x

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