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Thanks to all of you for making Adachi one of the most popular regions in the Metaverse ...

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ehson 15 days ago
One of the best places I have been in opensim
Kelley_Adams 22 days ago
There are a variety of reasons for teleports to fail from one grid to another.
1. Nobody on your grid can teleport to another grid - unable to connect. the reason is your grid has blocked access
2. Nobody on your grid can teleport to another grid,- Destination does not allow visitors from your grid means your grid is blocked from their access server
3. Single person teleport fails, everyone else can teleport from your grid. Chances are you need to clear cache and relog.

Hope this helps...
Shinji 22 days ago
I am from a Gor Grid and no one from our Grid cant get there at all
Counter Earth grid
oopsee 22 days ago
Hi Shinjl,
there are no bans on CounteEarth Grid by Foundation Grid
I have tp issues often also.
I am using an account in different grid other than foundation, my friend in same grid tp's to adachi very fast while mine failed 4 times using different methods.
I relog to same grid and tp was so fast to adachi was unreal.
So whatever your troubles for tp are they have nothing to do with the adachi region or foundation grid. Has gor grid banned foundation grid?
Wish I could be more help to you but you can try relogging as i did or relog after clearing cache.
My friend just logged to another grid to test the hg tp and it worked perfectly as I am typing this.
No idea how to help you.
Good luck
Shinji 21 days ago
that is what i am getting when our grid trys to go there
PamellaEaston 2 months ago
Not possible to getting there...
It says the regions doesnt exist anymore even trying to tp from the proper gridfoundation :(
oopsee 1 months ago
Hi Pamella I can assure you that Adachi region in Foundation grid is up and running. Not sure why you got that message but here are a few tips I have used when TP fails ...
Use landmark, use the world map and paste the hypergrid code found on this page, if in foundation grid use the world map and type Adachi in search to tp there.
It is possible at the time you tried to tp Adachi was offline for a short time for any number of reasons.
Hypergrid and TP's can be fickle at times and I also experience failed tp's receiving the same message you did however the region I wanted to get to was online ugggggg go figure.
All I can say is try again as Adachi is up and running.
DorenaVerne 2 months ago
Nice, but low performance server. :-(
oopsee 22 days ago
servers and performance - adachi region carries 11 plus gigs of content more than may grids
we have fibre optic lan connections at 1GB per server 500up 500dn mbs per second. all servers run on Xeon Processors utilizing SSD drives. All are contained within the same DataCenter...
For non-techies like me this is about as good and fast as it gets
if your lagging at adachi it is either your internet connection, viewer settings or your own home grid servers
Pagane 2 months ago
Closed destination, only for peoples who pay taxes in its grid...

When i try to enter get only message:
Teleport failed
Destination not allow visitors from your world.

I think is incorrect to be in this list of open sim worlds, and to close access for members of opensimworld...
oopsee 2 months ago
hi Pagane, sorry you were not able to tp to adachi...this region is always open to the entire metaverse for Grids in good standing and has been open continuously since listing this region for the last 3 years or so ...
It appears the grid you have your account in and are trying to teleport from has been banned access to adachi.
So adachi is open to hg access 24/7 to the vast majority of grids in the metaverse. Foundation grid reserves the right to ban grids it may deem undesirable. Think of going to a restaurant and seeing the sign "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone". Same thing applies to Opensim and on Opensimworlds.
You are free to access Foundation Grid from another Grid Account that is acceptable.

Feel free to contact me privately using opensimworld messaging and I will be happy to assist you.

1ChristyBendan 2 months ago
Pagan, Hello I am often at Adachi and I am a resident on this grid so just wanted to say II think you are mistaken a technical glitch( there are no taxes or no cost at all for anything on the grid or apache and unless they had a region crash then it's always open and freely available to everyone. ) Hopefully you can try again.
LillyPond 1 years ago
It's not easy to tell how good one can feel being a part of this wonderful world, so full of beautiful things, generously made available for all of us! You have to COME and SEE for your self!
Very true they say: " they care about us"!
oopsee 1 years ago
There is more content here than humanly possible to remember, let alone take home with you for free. Probably the best source for that ("I wonder if there is one in the metaverse") object or script. If Allah shines on you, it will be the latest version and did I already say free?
oopsee 1 years ago
Everything you need and more. What else could you ask for. Constantly updated and growing with great people and great items.
Ty for creating sassafrass
oopsee 1 years ago
This place is a Dream!!! Great stuff and a cool looking region, top that off with new stuff frequently added.... If there is a life after death... my heaven would be Adachi !!!
oopsee 1 years ago
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I've been waiting for this moment for a long long time, oh Lord
The movement of quality freebies is growing and Opensim will be free once again, oh Lord.... I'm luvin it and dancin' to it...whoop whoop!
oopsee 1 years ago
This place and it's owners has been nothing but nice to me since day one. and if your grid is ban is for a very very good reason and maybe you should leave that grid :-)
oopsee 1 years ago
Amazing place very well organised Top Content EVERYTHING FREE !!!!!
oopsee 1 years ago
Glad to see Adachi is back :)
oopsee 1 years ago
OMG !! OMG this place is off the charts
I came as a noob and in less than 20 minutes I looked fantastic - love you Adachi
The entire Sacarium Grid is awesomeness with the best quality free stores in any grid in opensim and the performance is excellent, no lag, no grey
Thank you Oni so much for helping me you the bestest ever
oopsee 1 years ago
We Love Adachi,
The content is amazing and huge ... it is a one stop get everything you need to build a grid, outfit your avatar, pick up quality items for decorating your home
Every person I have met in Adachi are super helpful and kind
Thank you soooooo much for making Adachi and all the quality content available for everyone ;)))
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Totally awesome place!
Thank you so much for keeping with the spirit of FREE OpenSim. This is definitely one awesome region that is meant to be a help to everyone)))+5
Gotta give it up to Oni, really good stuff and shareable to all. Oni is always helpful and friendly, our best friend in de virtual world. Thank you Oni for everything and job well done :))))
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