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Welcome to Lisianthus, home to a 2x2 medieval fantasy roleplay VAR region known as "The Chronicles of Lisianthus" which is built BY roleplayers FOR roleplayers to help establish intergrid medieval fantasy roleplay across the metaverse. It is the result of a longstanding dream by a few individuals who could never afford to create a roleplay sim in Second Life and who want to enjoy immense storytelling/roleplaying with others in an inviting environment. We're not just a roleplay region, but also a community of open-minded individuals who want to embrace as much as we can across OpenSim. That is why we also provide a resource for finding other roleplaying worlds as well as provide a small marketplace for people to sell items via Kitely Market or dispense freebies to other roleplayers across the metaverse.

Lisianthus is comprised of numerous landscapes from peaceful forested trails to dark and gloomy caverns to an inhospitable desert. Whether you want to play a simple human warrior or live dangerously as a demon assassin, at Lisianthus, you are only limited by your active imagination. You don't have to be a roleplayer to enjoy the beautiful scenery we are aiming to provide, and while we do have some rules and standards, we're generally a very open and easy-going bunch. If you have any questions, you can ask us anytime!

Our emphasis is not on combat, but on storytelling. However, we've adopted a unique "tabletop" approach using the FATE Core generic roleplay system developed by EvilHat Productions. You don't have to use this system in order to play, you can simply use freeform roleplay as you wish, but we feel this makes things a bit more interesting, and perhaps a bit more realistic.

The region is always under construction in some shape or form and there are some things still unfinished, but if you're looking to roleplay, we're waiting for you! In addition, you don't need to be a Kitely member or even an OpenSim member, you can roleplay directly through our forums. Our goal is to bring the best of the old and the new into play, many of us being classic chatroom roleplayers and D&D players.

‚ÄčIt is said that countless eons ago, a meteor came from the heavens and crashed into the barren earth. Legend has it that the "Great Rock" contained a small gathering of celestial beings who took pity on the lifeless world and herein sought to cultivate it. These "Divine Guardians" imbued the world with vast elements and with it created the many different races that exist today.

To ensure that their own divine presence would not destroy the earth, the small band spread their power out over the land, and gave birth to their descendants, who were much smaller and not nearly as powerful. Overtime, these winged creatures were called "Fae" or "Fairies", in other words, the "Messengers of the Divine". Overtime, other lifeforms and races appeared through the power of creation and natural selection - or they simply came across Lisianthus and decided it was a place they wanted to call home. These included humans, elves, mer, halflings, demons, tieflings, and countless other species and races. Throughout time, many groups have sought to crave out a piece of the land for their own and with it came periods of peace, but also war.

"Lisianthus" has gone through many names, which is as varied as the people who inhabit it. It is supposed that this is where civilization first appeared, and thus it is one of the oldest continents in the known world. It is not uncommon for new races or groups to suddenly appear and aim to make Lisianthus their home - through peaceful means or via deadly force...

Countless tales tell of a sacred power or treasure that the Divine Guardians left behind and that its location is believed to be on Lisianthus. While many in the current generation has held the story to be more myth than fact, there are still some that have over the course of generations been searching for it. Some believe it to be long lost knowledge, others a source of energy imbued with strength, and others still believe it may be a prize even greater than anything that the world has ever known - a way back to the lands where the Divine Guardians had appeared from.

In many cases, the story is just beginning and its pages remain to be filled by those who should embark anew... What stories and legends will you bring to Lisianthus? Will you embark on the path or pace, or create chaos out of order? Choose wisely. The choice is yours...

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ReneeWryter 6 months ago
totally awesome ty!!
micabreen 10 months ago
great looking region keep up the great work
Elbereth 1 years ago
A magical place to discover and explore!

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We're moving to OSGrid, so be on the lookout for an address change in the near future.
2 months ago - 0 comments
After some serious thinking, we've decided to remain where we are on the 2x2 sim. So our address remains the same as it shows on this webpage. We are, however, doing some redecorating, so pardon our dust once again as we bring out our creative gremlins once again!
5 months ago - 0 comments
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