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Willkommen auf PortVienna! Hier entsteht ein riesiges Kreuzfahrtschiff mit Freebiemall, Club, Theater und Sonnendeck zum Relaxen. Beachtet das sich das ganze erst im Bau befindet. Allerdings so mache Freebies erwarten euch bereits (derzeit noch nur für Damen). Gerne könnt ihr mir hier einen Kommentar hinterlassen auch. Ich freue mich auf euren Besuch.
(Freebies, Mesh, Cloth, Outfits, Woman, Girl, Men, Boy, Radio, Dance, Club, Shoes, Schuhe, Kleidung, Skin, Shape, Hairs, Haare, shopping, Mall,)

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PurrfecttKatt 1 years ago
Love this place, awesome
Bink 2 years ago
Beautiful theatre with musical presentations on Tuesday (not every week!), about 11.30 a.m. SLT
LadyContessa 2 years ago
thx bink :-)
VictorDeAngelo 2 years ago
Awesome assortment of women's clothing in what looks to be a huge transport ship still under construction. However, a friend and I landed in the original sim star point as that is where visitors using the cut n paste method from opensims world to the world map. Looking forward to seeing the ship completed
LadyContessa 2 years ago
thx. i am working every day on the ship. ready are now the theatre of the ship. maybee you want to visit it. you find it in the front of the ship on deck 2. every second thusday 20:00 o clock mittle eurpoean time there is a muscial radio show presented from me. december 13 i will present the rocky horror picture show. new shops in the mall comes soon.
oopsee 2 years ago
hehehe, some really fun free stuff ;)))
LadyContessa 2 years ago

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