The Almost Islands

The Almost Islands
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Bringing you live entertainment for over one year in OS Grid

This is the landing for the Almost Islands, featuring Almost Island, Tea House Island, Dew Drop Island and A Pirate's Life. These islands are venues for live musicians and DJ's . Book a regular time slot by contacting Danger Lytton in OS Grid.

The Almost Islands have been updated with PCMA sit poses to reduce scripts and improve your experience. Texture pre-rezzers have been placed on the sim to help with rezzing mesh avatar and NPC skins.

Enjoy your visit!

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RainStormfront 1 years ago
I recommend a trip to the tea house. (don't worry about the water, there's a boat that will automatically upon sitting, ferry you safely to the other side)
I would like to see Azi and Danger have an event there. Lovely place. :)
yvonny 1 years ago
I was there a hour ago and they are very friendly and it really look great there , good singers too . Im glad i found it.
HanHeld 2 years ago
I was there this morning, it was a small, but friendly crowd (not bad for a tuesday at all!). I took a walk around and it looked pretty. My only quibble would be that the no-script setting killed my ao so I did the duckwalk. Great sim, great folks -keep an eye on it. :)

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