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Freebies everywhere, free furniture, full perms, animated bathrooms, Party Time, "home made" animated furniture, gowns, creations, animated drinks, smokes, chocolates, hula hoops, houses, tree houses, cottages, jukebox, postboxes, decorations, gifts... and much fun

Honeymoon Our Christmas Mega Party will be on Thursday 22 of December 2016. It will be in the CRAZY CLUB located in Living Paradise region ... You can also go by walk from Freedom East shopping center ;-) party will start at 12H00 pdt grid time with DJ Henk Supermarine then Truelie Telling will follow and sing in live for you... many surprises and gifts during the party...
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Honeymoon TELEPADS have beed added near the big freebies shop.... front of the Sandbox door ....
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Honeymoon 2 months ago
SOON COMING.... Teddy's SANDBOX..... near the freebies shops.... and the freebies will be not for sale for 0 but free to copy so everybody will be able to get them ....
Honeymoon 2 months ago
FREE new teddys and more gifts ..... new fun creations....
Honeymoon 2 months ago
New Christmas freebies now .... and special group gifts for Christmas....
Honeymoon 4 months ago
Thanks... Yes, the more I build new things, the more I want to give as freebies and group gifts.... so don't hesitate to come back any time, you may find new freebies and new gifts...
Atticus 4 months ago
I know its super cute and new stuff here everyday
Honeymoon 4 months ago
GROUPS are in place and you'll find many boxes there with special gifts ! Entrez dans la ronde..... joignez le groupe et récupérez tous les cadeaux du groupe dans les boites devant les magasins ! bonne peche !
Honeymoon 5 months ago
new freebies are added every day in my shop.... for those who are looking for unusual ones.... just visit all the shops and you'll find them ;-)
Honeymoon 5 months ago
NEW ! I have put a box in front of the opensimworld teleporter... "touch" it and you will get a note for every shop of the shopping mall... It is the list of all you can find freebies and others.... I hope this will help you ;-)

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