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Free Life Estates
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Where everything is free! Free houses, parcels, furniture, clothing, garden, cars...freebies galore! Should you want to be one of the wealthy residents who reside here, check out the visitors center for details. Welcome home to the Free Life Estates in the Lost Paradise!

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kindraTurian 2 months ago
Great shopping - some items that you don't see anywhere else!
PurrfecttKatt 2 months ago
Awesome place
ParcDesArts 2 months ago
Merci! bel espace de shopping - freebies original et bien organisé, bravo Victor!
AustinKaine 3 months ago
I love this region, and I see there are more to go, I'll be coming back to explore some more. I love this place.
VictorDeAngelo 3 months ago
Must sees in the Lost Paradise grid would be The Land Of Xzar, The Good Region, Unneeded Things, and Evening Calm.
Antonio 5 months ago
Very beautiful Grid where I can very beautiful objects of Opensim, Airplanes, Cars. Congratulations, and Everythink is Free :)
VictorDeAngelo 6 months ago
Yes, some girds are banned from access to our grid/regions. Please contact our grid manager, Cloneu, if you have any questions or would like to know why as I honestly do not know.
AariciaGodde 7 months ago
Tried to vist but said vists from my region were banned
VictorDeAngelo 7 months ago
The issue has been corrected. The sim should be accessible to everyone now. Thank you for letting me know there was a problem.
ParcDesArts 8 months ago
Pas accessible, landmark non valide.
MelodyStar 8 months ago
If you were born to shop, you are missing out if you don't visit Free Life Estates. The mall is jam packed full of must have items and the stores include The Spoiled Diva-who doesn't just love her stuff?? as well as my own store, Un-Needed Things with merchandise you won't find anywhere else in open sim. Be sure and explore to find cars and other things. You may even find your next home there as they offer free rent. Be sure and landmark it as you will want to return again and again and bring your friends!
ReneeWryter 8 months ago
drop by and visit Free Life Estates also one of the best in LP with lots of freebies for you to check out ...awesome place and people a must see....
Elise_Dior 8 months ago
Must see to believe and so many freebies...a fun place to explore...and even more fun living here
sweetfacegood 9 months ago
A must to visit so much goodies , love it love it

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