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Bora Bora
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tropical island a little crazy: with beach, marina, hospital, and much more.
Do yourself a fun ride.

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WaydaDreamscape 1 years ago
Wonderfull place :-)
Congratulations Jeep!!!!
BartelBe 2 years ago
Definitely one of the most beautiful beach/bay landscapes on any virtual world.
It's well worth taking your time to walk around, chill and enjoy the atmosphere. Slow down and feel the heat.
GenevieveHugo 2 years ago
C'est super! Tous mes compliments aux Italiens qui ont créé cette region: c'est un des meilleurs endroits que j'ai visités dans ce monde virtuel.
joecar 2 years ago
The region is very realistic and very well finished,
work of excellent quality and of infinite patience and experience.
His exploration takes a long time but it's worth it:
all I've seen shows that you can do a great job
even if you are not in SecondLife.
arbestos 2 years ago
The owners are Italians, this be seen immediately, good taste and care for details, everything in the right place, perfect and without excesses, much humor and fun ... congratulations, beautiful creation !
sofee 2 years ago
First time visiting Bora Bora... A Very nice place to explore, you put alot of thoughts into the planning scenes of designing and very realistic feel when wondering around.
Would be nice to see this place get busy with lots of people enjoying themselves.
Thumbs Up!
Rastasis 2 years ago
pretty interesting and entertaining region...
wolfex 2 years ago
very original region and very accurate work, many NPC create a fun, I think it's still under construction, I will return.
Cirrus 2 years ago
One of the best worlds I've visited. Well thought out design and layout keeping me there long time exploring. Didn't see it all this time, will visit again soon.

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