Sexuality and Gender

Sexuality and Gender
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This region was designed and build as part of a degree called a Masters of Arts (MA) in Education in virtual worlds. The focus of the region is the development of understanding difference, diversity and equality for counselling practitioners.

Further information about the region can be found on the project website here:

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BlondieGayMan 2 months ago
Today I visited Leighton's region. Very nice job he's done!

It was great to meet Leighton as well.
LeightonMarjoram 2 months ago
Thank you for the comments on my region and was a pleasure to meet you too.
BlondieGayMan 2 months ago
Leighton, I hope you see this. I had to totally restart my server box. There are some connection issues going on. My server got a new certificate too.

However, we'll have to friend again. I think due to the connection problem, the friend fell off. When I logged back on, your name was gone. I went to your region but I guess you were gone.

Hopefully we can reinstate that and confirm it is working.

Cheers and ttyl
LeightonMarjoram 2 months ago
Definitely, we can do that for sure. Only just seen this message. If you go to my grid and send me an inworld message when you are there I will get your message via email.

The joys of Opensim, it might also be that I am using the 0.9.1 DEV (master) version on my grid. We will get there though. :)

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