Australian Home Lands

Australian Home Lands
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From the mighty River Murray to the white sandy beaches, and to the great outback of Australia. Bathed in the golden light of and Australian sun burnt land. We call Australia home..Here in a virtual world we can create our masterpiece and live the dream. Currently under construction... Where horses roam free and pastures are plentiful.. canoe down the River Murray, bush walk to the middle of Australia,. follow the winding paths through the hill side to the waterfalls and rocky canons, much more to come.
Currently 26 areas are under development, with freebies being added to the New South Wales East Docks.
The River Queen paddle streamer now graces the River Murray.
Stroll through the open wheat and corn fields bathed in the sun-kiss evening sky, that brings out the best in our Australian outback.
Camp along the beaches, or sail in the many free guest sailing boats around this great land. Find a cool place under the Eucalyptus and ferns as you wander through the paths and trails.
Join the Australian Home Lands group to keep in touch with new developments.
Enjoy the retro Drive In, Put your feet up in one the cars and have some pop corn at hand, then watch and old movie or favorite cartoon from a time gone by.
No hurry here, no stress.Just and easy going life bathed in the Australian sky.
Come enjoy anytime.... Genavieve Page creator of Australian Home Lands

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xishi 1 years ago
Such beautiful landscaping, really really nicely done.
KayBeaches 2 years ago
Very nicely done = Looks like Australia! The creator, Genavieve, has added a lot of detail it's well worth the tp!
Genavieve 2 years ago
Thank you so much for your lovely comments Kay, Ive just added more to the Kimberly's Ranges region, and updated my pics here again. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

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