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***note - the region appears as offline until an avatar arrives, so don't worry if it says 'Offline' or 'unknown' in the status, it will automatically begin to start up when you attempt to journey here :) ***

Raven's Reef is a small town urban roleplay 4x4 (equivalent of 16 regions) located in Kitely. Come join us in an immersive urban roleplay experience. Take a look around, get a feel for the area and then when you are ready, create your own story. Full information about roleplaying here, or even just living here (if you are looking for a themed home, but aren't interested in roleplaying) can be found at:

The arrival area has an Out of Character Bar for events and hanging out with friends, there are also portals you can touch to access different parts of the region. Anyone is free to visit here we just ask that you do not disturb any roleplay in action and try to fit in (modern day human avatars) so as not to distract from the ambiance of the roleplay area. At the arrival area is the info centre which contains all the information you need.

We even have a few starter avatars made especially for your Raven's Reef experience.
Free one month rentals - message me (Moonrise Azalee) to find out more. After a month, rent can be paid via Kitely Currency, or InWorldz Izzies or Second Life Lindens as well as PayPal. If you are an active roleplayer, you may be rewarded with free rent in town, in the burbs or even out in the country.

There is a highschool ( we ask that avatars play roles of 18 years old however due to the Adult rating), airport, Drive-In, ruined Wasteland area, main city, suburbs and more. Come check it out!

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SpaxOrion 8 months ago
RPG fans, this is a beautiful varregion region with lots of areas to explore. Well worth your time to check it out.

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