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Neiferleaf welcomes all fantasy and scifi role players and any visitor to our ViBel grid alike.
Discover the lavender meadows, the true Stonehenge replica, the Magic Grotto, the fantasy Tiny Fairy Tower near the 1.5x scaled Epic Castle (available at and many other shared creations by the OpenSim community.

Photos & Posts
The wizard of Neiferleaf has uncovered the largest cave ever seen (picture added). Discover the Depths of Neiferleaf at your own peril. hop://
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Neiferleaf East has been updated with new ruined elements and the recent discovery of a grotto there, revealed that some still undisclosed creatures have been foraging in the wide area. We might have t...
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KiraWhitehawk 10 months ago
One of my very favorite regions on the hypergrid. Wonderful place to the detail and all the little treasures if you are willing to take the time to wander. It's one of the few places I turn up my sound because it adds so much to the experience!
BartelBe 10 months ago
Thrilled with the warm words :))
PowerOfGreen 11 months ago
The most amazing place anywhere i spent hours! I love it!!!! ty Roland its always the best :))))
BartelBe 11 months ago
Thank you so much for your compliment, Power :)
13535 1 years ago
Roland it is absolutely marvelous!! such a beautiful place - I will be back again and again
BartelBe 1 years ago
Well thank you for the lovely praise, June :)) Happy to make your return visits worth while with new and updated experiences (Big Smile)
Cataplexia 2 years ago
HG Safari @ Neiferleaf Fantasy Realm-12N-DJ Cataplexia

The hypergrid Safari is coming to Neiferleaf Fantasy realm and we are celebrating!
DJ Cataplexia Numbers will be playing her "Songs from the Wood- Spirited music with Celtic elven & Medieval Flair". Come as you are or in fantasy costume & attire!
12 Noon till 130PM grid time. View Neiferleaf on Open sim World at
Cataplexia 2 years ago
Roland- beautiful ethereal region! thank you kindly for the tour, without it it might have taken me forever- there's just so much to see! I left you a much deserved review!
MartinikaPearl 2 years ago
Its Epic!!!! and so much detail, immersive experience, so much to explore Ty Roland ;-)
PowerOfGreen 2 years ago
Wonderul Place i have to go again and again going again tonite! ty R lovely build
starchild 2 years ago
Simply Amazing very good job! These sims worth many visits congradulations on such a beautiful build.
micabreen 2 years ago
this sim looks awesome great job :)
Satyr 3 years ago
Beautiful mesh region with dramatic landscapes and a huge castle.
BartelBe 3 years ago
Thank you for your visit, Satyr and for your nice comment. (Wish I was there to show you around) Thank you for that generous gift. Now our guests can fly dragons (!) and rez boats to enjoy the environment. Fabulous.
agsalfi 3 years ago
Amazing place and so well presented and built
Adeleanderson 3 years ago
A really nicely made landscape and a wonderful Castle. Textures were nicely chosen.
BartelBe 3 years ago
Thanks, Adele. More to come. Visit again soon :)

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An excellent place for both fantasy and nature lover! Filled with amazing content from castles to elven & fae to peaceful natural environments where great attention is paid to detail! Much of the content is even copyable- wow! you can even rez boats to explore via this regions ample waterways!
Absolutely Marvelous region! Soooo beautiful Roland! I will be back again and again!
Beautiful scenery, everything loads smoothly. A beautiful work, thank you Roland!
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