Dark Side of the Rainbow

Dark Side of the Rainbow
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DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW - Rock & Roll! Turn on Media (enable in preferences), this includes sounds, music and video!! Leave on Region Default Environment settings, for the best Floydian Adventure! Quicktime and Adobe Flash must be updated on your computer to see this region the way it's supposed to be seen. 4 Video/Movie Screens: Now Showing: Dark Side of Oz, The Wall, Pulse Tour Concert in full & more! Interactive Movie Theater & Concert Area & Laser Light Show.! Dancing! Lots of freebies (click on everything), shopping and more! 10 Minute Animals Album FLYING PIG TOUR RIDE. 23 Minute ENDLESS RIVER Album BOAT TOUR RIDE. NEW FLOYDIAN COASTER & CAROUSEL! Awesome Couples Dance Machine

Tantalize your soul with our Pink Floyd Rock and Roll Interactive Adventure: Pink Floyd Meets Oz! Pig Tour, Floydian Gallery, - Romantic, Explore, Trippy, HIppy, Music, Classic Rock, Woodstock, 70s,80s,90s,00s,10s, Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall & many more favorites. Museum, Dancing, Battersea Factory, Fantasy Plants Landscaping, Hippies & everyone welcome! 420 Gift Shop & Fantasy Adventure, Gardens & Fantasy Landscaping. Pink Floyd Laser show where you can be the roadee cotrolling our stage lights and lasers! Concert Area, Event Area, Pulse Tour Giant Dome Stage. For Kitely Ccommunity: Free Venue Leasing when you host your event here! Vendors, Vendor Space. Huge Stage, Stage Rentals & Event Rental Space. Psychodelic, Woodstock!

DARK SIDE ANIMATED ART Animated Art Gallery, Custom Sign Animations, Logo's, Moving Pictures, Paintings, Horror, Goth, Hoiday, Music, Illusions, Sexy, Celebrity, Movie, Love, Animals, Scenery, Vampire, Role Play, Halloween Central, Haunted Photos and more!

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I had so much fun here! Kinda kookie! Kinda weird!

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PussyLahoot 6 months ago
what an amazing place! VERY TRIPPY IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! hint hint

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