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FREE, FREE and more FREE! Recently added , Zoo, swimming pool, sea world(in progress)
plenty of new items and renovation. Lots of awesome stuff to take home '
beautiful people all over the world ive been doing some renovating and will continue, but please come on over and enjoy the scenery and goodies always a pleasure to meet new people so we can become old friends.
NEW!!! photo studio , revamped sweetface shop with extra Love more outfits ladies also more dolls available with all my love , Skins,lots of remodeling :)

Our place is a place to let your imagination have fun! Make sure you bring enough bags to carry all the goodies we have for you. :) You wont be disappointed for sure!

We believe OpenSim should be open. When you come to our region, you will find almost everything we have is free. We scour the Virtual World looking for things We often seek permission to put a person’s work up for free on our sim.

You will also find unique items made by myself and my dear man :)

The Good Region is a very multifaceted place. Go on a Ferris Wheel, see Kong and Rex, Come lay on the beach or visit a luminescent magical pond. Do family role-play, and shop until the pixels fall off. Visit the parks, church, open-markets, airfield, or grab a few babies and dolls made by Sweetface and JohnnyB. There are a few romantic spots on our region to cuddle up. Grab a moment of peace in our church. There are so many things to do, it will no doubt take more than one visit to see it all!

Recently added were drivable boats on the lake, flyable helicopters, small planes with a flyable course, and a winter scene!

You will find here:
Hair Salon with ombre hair
Maltese restaurant
Maltese open-market shop
Animal Sanctuary with Kong and Rex
Clutterfly mesh kits and textures
Cars to take that drive
Beautiful Stone Church
Small, quaint, standing-only wedding chapel
Dance Floor
School (under construction)
Birth Centre & Maternity Ward
Hair Salon
Jewelry Shop
Avatar Shop
Toy shop
Freebie town ,grocery. pet, full perm.
The Doll Shop (items made by us)

Freebie shops with furniture, animals, foods, intimates and full mesh items.

You will find items made by us:
The Doll Shop (items made by us)

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Tigerkitti2014 1 months ago
How come visitors from GCG are not allowed?
sweetfacegood 1 months ago
Hi Tigerkitti2014 , do you get a message when you try to come over ? you may have to get in touch with the Grid owner of lost paradise ''Cloneu Inglewood''we are a region and would not know the reason why you are not allowed , pls do contact him.
LindaKellie 6 months ago
I just had hours of fun visiting here. Just when I thought I had seen everything I turn a corner and there is more! I love it.
sweetfacegood 6 months ago
Ty so much Linda We are so honored to have you visit us , you have been our prime example of what open sim should be and for that we thank you cause it has brought us much pleasure to see others enjoy sharing with each other and have met such amazing people with the same mind set huggs welcome anytime .:)
MissGiz 8 months ago
Such a fun place to visit! It's so beautiful and so many things to see. The owners are the sweetest people, so friendly and helpful. Definitely a LM that you'll put in your favorites :)
sweetfacegood 8 months ago
Ty so much Miss Giz im so happy that you enjoyed the good region ty for such a lovely comment we always love to see people be happy and enjoy what we have for them :)
SigWa 9 months ago
Sad. Visited 4 weeks ago. Went to come back. "Teleport failed. Destination does not allow visitors from your world. :(
sweetfacegood 9 months ago
We are a Region , but your more than welcome to contact Lost Paradise Grid Manager to find out why the Grid your coming from is Banned ,Ty
sweetfacegood 9 months ago
Ty so much cayoun so happy you enjoyed your time here on the good region hope you found a few wonderful items to take away with you :)
cayoun 9 months ago
its a great job and a beautieful sim with a lot of stuff for every one.
sweetfacegood 9 months ago
Thank you hun for praising me for everything, but without you beside me the good region would not be possible , this is a shared experience and one that has kept us busy and has been one of the most amazing experience in the virtual world, one that i would not have wanted to share with but you my darling man love you heaps and Thank you xx
JohnnyBeGood 9 months ago
I want to thank my wonderful partner and love, Sweetface for making all these comments possible. She gets the credit for making our place what it is, and if left only to my imagination, it might be a wasteland with only one nice comment. She has designed almost the whole place and I want to give credit to her, even though she doesn't like me saying such things. Thank you baby- you are such a gem to have!!
DoctorSong 9 months ago
wow just wow this is a very cool place and the owner is so nice and friendly well done and well put together i will visit often.
sweetfacegood 9 months ago
Thank you so much :) it was wonderful to meet you doctor pls do visit again we constantly add new items and love to get to know everyone that visits huggs see you again doctor .
VictorDeAngelo 9 months ago
All you have to do is imagine what you want and then port over to the Good Region and go find it. This is freebie heaven!!!
sweetfacegood 9 months ago
oh ty Victor :) what a lovely comment we do like to look at place like heaven where you can find wonderful items that we have both found in our journeys this may be heaven but everyone is an angel to us huggs .
sweetfacegood 9 months ago
Typo= like to look at our place lol
sweetfacegood 9 months ago
Ty kittyheart i am glad you enjoyed yourself, hope you found a few nice goodies :)pls dont hesitate to visit as often as you like big huggs from us :)
KittyHeart 9 months ago
Look really great Job !
sweetfacegood 10 months ago
Ty so much pasha and sigwa it is a joy to see you over here with us , such amazing people and appreciative of what we have done here always a pleasure to share :)
Pasha 10 months ago
Very nice owners, quality things to share
SigWa 10 months ago
Wonderful region. Wonderful Friendly and welcoming hosts, oh yeah they have much free things of great quality.
sweetfacegood 10 months ago
Ty Sunshine :) im so glad you enjoyed yourself that is our Aim to see people come over and enjoy with us Big huggs :)
Sunshine 11 months ago
Cool place had fun :)
RiqueGiano 12 months ago
Great Region to explore, friendly and helpfull owner, and lots of freebies :)
sweetfacegood 12 months ago
Ty so much Rique ,it was a pleasure meeting you and having you visit our region i will always try to be as help full as i can be :)
rhiannon 1 years ago
Very nice region, lots of freebies run by two very nice people! Thank you Sweet and Johnny for making me feel so welcomed!
sweetfacegood 1 years ago
Ty so much it was a pleasure meeting you , and so glad you enjoyed your stay with us huggs

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