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You will find good people and many shops, the City of the Sun ... Welcome

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Very good work so many free stuff lots of Mesh Bodys good Job

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KrypticKayos 5 months ago
Amazing sim with tons of great items,high fashion, for men and women. A must visit location. Thank you, for this sim.
plastichansa 6 months ago
Hello, the sign "Don't_buy_Items_in_opensim_mesh_neon_1" is full permission in my Metropolis sim, I do not have to copy it
JeTammie 7 months ago
This Place is amazing!!! Thanks for the share
sweetfacegood 7 months ago
very nice place , lovely host a must place to visit :)
bettyfl 9 months ago
Wonderful place, spent some lovely time there shopping and taking pictures XD XD :-*
TerryBond 1 years ago
Very nice place, thank you
111shawn 2 years ago
...... city .....

Give this address a go if you have problems getting into sensation city. IF you are in Craft already, don't put that address in map, it wont work, Put ' sen " into map and you will see " sensation city ". omit/leave out the quotation marks though. :)
111shawn 2 years ago
And don't be fooled by all the av's there, 9 of the ones I saw there are NPC's/Bot'/fake av's/whatthefrickever. :) Which is why it takes a while for all objects to rez. But hey, the place has got MUSIC!! That's rare for most places.
SpaxZorin 2 years ago
DEAD.... cannot enter
VictorDeAngelo 2 years ago
no regions found with that name.
oopsee 2 years ago
ChanelRewell 2 years ago
Thank you to All .. Welcome
JohnnyBeGood 2 years ago
This is a wonderful place! So many things to see and some items to take that I have not seen anywhere before! It is worth the trip!!
VicTaurus 2 years ago
Ilha linda enfeitada para o natal, existe lojinhas com freebies, perfeita!!!!!!

Beautiful island decorated for Christmas, there are stores with freebies, perfect !!!!!!
sweetfacegood 2 years ago
lovely region i will
definitely make it a place to visit often , awesome items :)
love the new look smiles

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Party Christmas on December 22, 1.30 pm second life time MUSIC Cesare Emme of the 7C Recordings (Record Label)
6 months ago - 0 comments
Sensation Millennium Greeting Party Event SENSATION MILLENNIUM greetings to everyone a great summer with a party, thank you all for sharing and following, see you in October, you are welcome not missed, thank you 8 June 1.30 pm slt Music DJPasquale Skytower
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