Mystic Isle II

Mystic Isle II
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* * * * * * IRIDIUM BALLROOM * * * * * *
Open 24/7. Events Sat 5-7pm & Wed 6-7pm. Beautiful music/dancing venue. Real people/no bots. Meet the dance partner of your dreams or bring a date. Live performers, DJs, and Ballroom radio
Come dressed to impress in your finest formal wear. Balconies overlook ocean views. Bar and side seating for that private moment or conversations. Couples seating in the parks in front of the Ballroom
IRIDIUM Ballroom is surrounded by Iridium Plaza where you can shop for jewelry, accessories and formal wear to semi-formal wear.
(FREE formal wear for ladies and gentlemen at the entrance)

IRIDIUM Ballroom is also available for special parties and events.

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AlysinDarkstone 10 months ago
Join us for Rosy Ogrady LIVE 6pm
AlysinDarkstone 11 months ago
SAT 5pm Electro Swing Event 5pm-6:30 or later. Come dance to modern electro swing and holiday swing music.
AlysinDarkstone 11 months ago
Join us for another night with Rosy 6PM
AlysinDarkstone 12 months ago
Its Wednesday, time for another night at Iriidum Ballroom 6pm. Ballroom
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
Rosy LIVE now til 7pm at Iridium Ballroom
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
6pm Iridium Ballroom Rosy Ogrady! Come join us! Paste into your world map to teleport there: Isle II
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
Don't miss Rosy tonight at 6pm PST at Iridium Ballroom. HG access from opensimworld beacon, copy and paste details from our region page here to your world map of our viewer or click here. IOURL:
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
6-7pm Time to dress up in your finest and join us at IRIDIUM Ballroom for a LIVE performance with rosy ogrady, the talented and lovely "Voice of Iridium"
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
***IRIDIUM BALLROOM PRESENTS*** Rosy ogrady Live Oct 18th 6pm PST. Come join us!
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
6pm tonight Rosy Ogrady LIVE!
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
6-7pm Rosy Ogrady Live
27 Sep 2017 06:00 pm SLT
WHEN: Every Wednesday TIME: 6-7pm WHERE: IRIDIUM BALLROOM WHAT: LIVE PERFORMANCE Join us in the IRIDIUM Ballroom for our very own Voice of Iridium. Rosy Ogrady.
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
Join Rosy Ogrady performing now 6PM-7PM (every Wednesday) at the Iridium Ballroom in Island Oasis!
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
May6th 5pm & Every Saturday at Iridium Ballroom. Time to mix vintage or modern swing and jazz with house, hip hop and EDM. Brought to you by DJ Mystic
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
May 3rd 6-7pm (PST) LIVE Rosy Ogrady at IRIDIUM Ballroom!
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Come join us 5-7pm Electro swing combines the influence of vintage or modern swing & jazz mixed with house, hip hop & EDM.
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
6-7pm LIVE performer Rosy Ogrady will be gracing us with her lovely songs. Please join us.
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Swingin event tonight! woot good tunes!
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
5-7pm Electro Swing event at Iridium Ballroom. Electro swing combines the influence of vintage or modern swing & jazz mixed with house, hip hop & EDM.
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Rosy Ogrady LIVE @ 6pm
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Join us in the Ballroom at 5pm Sat for another Swingin' event!
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Free red ball gown for the ladies visiting the ballroom. It's near the entrance of the Ballroom
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
HIRING Ballroom Manager with experience. Monthly pay, free land, 100% tips PLUS 20% Venue tips. Contact Alysin Darkstone with experience and references.
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Saturday Event starts at 5pm
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Authentic and original Mystic land, creators and owners, (Officially) Est 2010. Mystic Estates is a subsidiary of Mystic Darkstone Designs, founded in 2010. Mystic Isle Estates and Mystic Darkstone Commercial Estates and Darkstone Kingdoms are all Divisions of Mystic Estates. The owners have a collective experience in virtual real estate ventures since 2006 (under a variety of "Mystic" names) in a myriad of virtual worlds when they officially formed Mystic Darkstone Designs in 2010. (we hadn't registered anything anywhere til 2010 which is the official date) Please do not confuse newer land masses, regions and other virtual world locations with the ORIGINAL "Mystic" aka "Mystic Darkstone" formed in 2006. We have never been one to see the spotlight but rather enjoy creating but we do get others confusing newer Mystic locations, with ours. 11 years and counting as Mystic, Mystic Darkstone or Darkstone is a long time, so just wanted to clear that up. Of course there will be many in many virtual worlds to use Mystic as a name, we understand why... it's a cool name, which is why we chose it. The current Mystic team has been together since 2007 with the original core team beginning in 2006 and adding to it in 2007 and again in 2008.
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Rosy Ogrady will be performing live at 6PM in Iridium Ballroom on region Mystic Isle II on the grid Island Oasis
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Head on over for tonight's DJ set! we are having a blast!
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
6-7pm Live Performer Rosy Ogrady at Iridium Ballroom
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Iridium Ballroom 6pm Rosy Ogrady March1st Come join us!
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Although the Ballroom is open and we welcome you to come dance, tonight's 5-7pm (Feb 18th) event in the Ballroom with DJ Mystic has been cancelled due to illness but they will be here next week on Saturday 5-7pm Feb 25th.
AlysinDarkstone 2 years ago
Saturdays 5pm: Electro Swing combines the influence of vintage or modern swing and jazz mixed with house, hip hop and EDM.

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Hiring Ballroom Host or Hostess for a recurring Monday Meet N Greet every week. Host or Hostess chooses 1 or 2 hour event & start time of 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm (PST). In world pay + 100% tips.
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