Mystic Darkstone Design 5

Mystic Darkstone Design 5
Island Oasis
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ LEGENDS VENUE and Tavern ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This is a come as you are, meet and greet, hangout and all around fun gathering spot.
5-7pm Tues & Fridays DJ Mystic. 6-7pm 1st Fri monthly Torben Asp LIVE. PLUS special events as announced.
***HIRING Hosts for Tues & Fri 5-7pm & Special Events***


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AlysinDarkstone 6 days ago
5-7pm St Pats Party at Legends, Free gifts, Crazy Coin night (win $) and awesome playlist by DJ Mystic Darkstone. All at LEGENDS in island Oasis!
AlysinDarkstone 9 days ago
Tues 5-7pm Grab a snack, kick off your shoes and kick back. DJ Mystic is here to entertain you at LEGENDS
AlysinDarkstone 13 days ago
Head on over to Legends we have about an hour left!
AlysinDarkstone 13 days ago
5-7pm DJ Mystic @ LEGENDS
AlysinDarkstone 15 days ago
Was getting ready for Island Oasis Barn Dance at 7pm March 3. I am heading over from legends Iridium Ballroom (in IO) then on to the Barn Dance (in IO) at the Holiday Oasis region.
AlysinDarkstone 16 days ago
5-7pm Mystic DJ @ Legends in Island Oasis.
AlysinDarkstone 1 months ago
Still Partying at LEGENDS in Island Oasis grid. Head on over!
AlysinDarkstone 1 months ago
Stop in and pick up a FREE gift for male or female for valentines day during the 5-6pm hour!
AlysinDarkstone 2 months ago
CRAZY COIN NIGHT! If you see a coin pop out click it to collect $$$$$$ 5-7pm only, at LEGENDS!
AlysinDarkstone 2 months ago
Guest DJ Mystic Darkstone is filling in for DJ Wizard tonight from 5-7pm! Head on over for a fun show!
Wizard 2 months ago
Wizard OfIsles is back and ready to rock you 5-7pm at Legends Venue and Tavern
AlysinDarkstone 2 months ago
Jan 20th 5-7pm at LEGENDS, DJ Mystic will be providing rock and blues. On the set list for tonight is anything from Aretha Franklin, Santana, & Stevie Ray Vaughn to Skillet, Metallica & Seether (reposted comment here since previous one is no longer showing
Wizard 2 months ago
We have more & more fun every week with all our VIP's from around the world..
Find a few minutes with us you will be amazed @ what happens...Events & more!!
AlysinDarkstone 2 months ago
Time to let your hair down and have a good time dancing to the beats of DJ Mystic 5pm-6:30pm at LEGENDS! Hiring hosts for event times. Keep 100% tips plus event stipend.
AlysinDarkstone 3 months ago
DJ Wizard OfIsles is back and ready to rock you 5-7pm at Legends Venue and Tavern.
AlysinDarkstone 7 months ago
Thursday August 18th we are having 3 drawings tonight. One every half hour during 5-7pm IOT/PST DJ Wizard's set. Just click for FREE entry and a chance to win $P. Must be present to win.
AlysinDarkstone 8 months ago
Thursday July 28th DJ Mystic filling in for DJ Wizard. EDM Poptart mix! guaranteed to keep you movin'. time to hear some Lyre le Temps, Mystery skulls, DNCE, Daft Punk, Major Lazer and so much more!
AlysinDarkstone 8 months ago
HIRING Hosts and Hostesses. $100/per event plus 100% tips.
We have 8 standing events each week plus more as announced.
AlysinDarkstone 8 months ago
Jackpot has paid out first round. We are on a second round of payout July 15. It's not to late to enter, we will draw at 8pm IOT/PST again.
AlysinDarkstone 8 months ago
FRIDAY July 15th Jackpot night starting at 5pm IOT/PST ending at 7pm. The more people here the higher the jackpot payout entry. Entry to Jackpot is FREE, no cost to enter. Must be present to win.
ValerianaWeston 8 months ago
Fun and great place to hangout. FREE gifts from time to time is always a bonus and the people there are awesome.
AlysinDarkstone 8 months ago
DJ Mystic is tonight at 5pm with the Poptart Power Hour. Joins us for fun dance music! July 14,2016
AlysinDarkstone 8 months ago
LEGENDS is pleased to add another DJ to our regular lineup. DJ HoneY Ace will be at Legends 9pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.
AlysinDarkstone 9 months ago
NEW Fill in DJ Dusten Truheart is rocking Legends tonight 6-30-2016 from 5-7pm IOT/PST. Come join us!
AlysinDarkstone 9 months ago
Madmax is taking over Legends tonight LIVE!!! Come join us at 5PM!
AlysinDarkstone 11 months ago
Become a regular at LEGENDS and earn your VIP tag. This will earn you addition gifts available only to VIP members. See you at LEGENDS!
AlysinDarkstone 11 months ago
Its Tuesday (4-12-15) and its raining again at Mystic Legends Venue and Tavern. Stop by and see if you are the fastest to collect the coins for money. DJ Wizard is here ti 7 pm PST taking your requests!
Wizard 11 months ago
Wow see if join us wut happens?? With your help we B #1
AlysinDarkstone 12 months ago
TONIGHT: Tues 5-7pm April 5th ...As soon as we have 12 here the money pot will be set out! Come and get it!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlysinDarkstone 12 months ago
Looking for work in a fun environment? Join the staff of LEGENDS! Pay plus 100% tips.
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
Hiring DJs, Hosts/Hostesses, Bartender (light roleplay)
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
come party with us: Wizard, Leah, Valeriana, Venus, Alysin, Strannik and more hanging out
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
Wizard is tearing it up mixing old school and new EDM
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
We are currently hiring for host/hostess on Tue and Thurs when DJ Wizard is there from 5-7pm. Legends is also hiring for Party/Meet n greet nights with item giveaways and hiring for a weekly game night with cash prizes. Host/Hostess keeps 100% tips plus gets paid wages per event.
AlysinDarkstone 1 years ago
DJ Wizard is tearing it up! Setting the place on fire!

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AlysinDarkstone HIRING HOSTESS for 2 events weekly: 5-7pm Tues and 5-7pm Friday at LEGENDS
16 days ago - 0 comments
AlysinDarkstone Mystic and Legends presents a double event for you tonight. 5-6PM is DJ Mystic Darkstone followed by a performance at 6-7pm from Torben Asp coming at you LIVE from the PROBE. IOURL: SPECIAL NOTES FOR Torben's show: Above LEGENDS (sky concert) 1- set draw distance to at least 128m or higher 2-Have particles enabled 1000+ 3-Set sun settings to Midnight 4-Have music enabled. THIS IS NOT JUST A LIVE PERFORMANCE THI...
20 days ago - 0 comments
AlysinDarkstone HIRING event Host or Hostess for Legends. You make 100% tips plus event wage. Head over to Legends tonight (Jan 20th) from 5-7pm to apply. (or come any other Friday 5-6:30pm to apply)
2 months ago - 0 comments
AlysinDarkstone 1-13-17 Best in Purple event! 5pm-6:30pm Come dressed in purple for your chance to win!
2 months ago - 0 comments
AlysinDarkstone DJ Wizard OfIsles returns to Legends tonight at 5pm. Come welcome him back!
4 months ago - 0 comments
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5-7pm DJ Mystic Darkstone at LEGENDS
24 Mar 2017 05:00 pm SLT
WHEN: FRIDAY TIME: 5-7pm WHERE: LEGENDS Venue and Tavern GRID: Island Oasis Region: Mystic Darkstone Design 5 Location: Legends Venue and Tavern Join DJ Mystic every Friday at L...
6 likes - 2 comments
5-7pm DJ Mystic Darkstone @ LEGENDS
28 Mar 2017 05:00 pm SLT
WHEN: Tuesdays TIME: 5-7pm WHERE: LEGENDS Venue and Tavern GRID: Island Oasis Region: Mystic Darkstone Design 5 Location: Legends Venue and Tavern Join DJ Mystic every Friday at Legends Ven...
7 likes - 1 comments
6pm Torben Asp LIVE
7 Apr 2017 06:00 pm SLT
6-7PM Torben Asp LIVE 1st Friday every month Above LEGENDS (sky concert) 1- set draw distance to at least 128m or higher 2-Have particles enabled 1000+ 3-Set sun settings to Midnight 4-Have musi...
8 likes - 2 comments