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Holiday Dance Show in the City of Turia on Counter Earth Grid
20 Dec 2019 22:04 SLT
Looking for some fun tonight!! Come to Counter Earth's Holiday Dance Show in the City of Turia. It starts at 7 p.m. pacific time and we have music from all over the world, with great scenes and danc...
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Tarn Races!
22 Sep 2016 22:55 SLT
The city of Turia in Counter Earth Grid is having tarn races- with House Rau tarns the first developer of tarns on 2nd life. House Rau is giving away a free tarn to each entrant. Come practice the ...
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List of our 20th Anniversary Events
1 Sep 2016 23:26 SLT
Turia 20th Anniversary The Gorean City of Turia 's 20th anniversary - a month of events in celebration! Aug. 31st – teams for build contest must register no later then Sept 1- sims are assig...
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Month Long Celebration for the 20th anniversary of the City of Turia
1 Sep 2016 00:00 SLT
Watch for all the details and events weekly. First event is Gorean city Sim Build contest- Win 3 months of FREE rent
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Firepit Fridays
8 Jan 2016 23:36 SLT
Join Counter Earth on Friday nights for Firepit Fridays- relaxing fun by the firepit- a little dancing by the Gorean girls of Counter Earth
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Wednesday Trainings on Counter Earth
16 Dec 2015 10:06 SLT
Wed night is our training night on Counter Earth in the city of Turia- from beginner to expert-If you need your girl trained, please ask a grid member how you can register or check out our web site - ...
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