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Enjoy Natural Beauty Explore hidden places at PartyLand
Adventure with your Friends
If you get tired grab yourself a horse and Ride Around
A Beautiful Church for Weddings or Commitment Celebrations
OpenAir Venue for Entertainments
Apple Tree Farm
Pleasent walks

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sofee 3 months ago
PartyLand is OFFICIALLY back ONLINE TODAY.. To give a Great Welcoming back online we are having a BashUp with Partyland's Party DeeJay - Rique throwing a Party at 11AM following LIVE ARTIST - CECI DOVER performing at 12NOON. Everyone is Welcomed to Join in the reopening at
sofee 4 months ago
PartyLand is Offline for a while, Big plans are in the works to give you the best enjoyment on opensim.
DollyDot 8 months ago
Super region with always awesome parties !
BartelBe 1 years ago
Well themed beautiful place. Definitely worth a horseback ride. Next time, I'll come down to party.
johnsteve 1 years ago
very nice place
sofee 1 years ago
Updated Pictures Added from PartyLand...
Enjoy its Natural Beauty from your very own Eyes, Explore hidden places at PartyLand take an Adventure with your Friends, Family and Loved Ones, If you get tired feet not a problem just grab yourself a horse and enjoy the ride.
Can be seen at PartyLand:
- A Beautiful Church for Weddings or Commitment Celebrations,
- Ballroom with its Natural Beauty around the foreground for Entertainment at the Ball,
- Apple Tree Farm, a nice walk smelling the freshness in the air,

And Much More to Come, We at ZanGrid gives you that Extra to see, feel and Enjoy!
Kubwa 1 years ago
Suzblessed 1 years ago
Hello, we have Hypergridders there and we just tested it and all is ok . Maybe something at your end or an issue on the grid where you come from ? It is also open sim and open sim does have issues at times and
so does hypergrid technology. Before you jump to conclusions better also look at other possible causes:) Just a tip !
sofee 1 years ago
Everything is fine on the PartyLand sim, i do not know why you had problems to get on there.... no other hypergrid persons had any troubles getting there, Kubwa try teleporting again and see what you think :) have a good day!
sofee 1 years ago
PartyLand at Zangrid has Officially Changed its Scenes from Decembers Winters Ice and Snow... We gone fully NatureLicious this January 2016
Open for all HyperGrid and ZanGridders to Enjoy..
Explore the Nature at its Finest, talk to the Animals, Ride your Horse or Pony down the tracks, stop for a bite to eat at the Picnic Site, have a Splash in the Lake, and be with Good Company..
If you like something you have seen on the sim don't hesitate to contact the Sim Builder hymself: Rique Giano inworld or for Building Tips. ENJOY!
Suzblessed 2 years ago
If you are not able to login with the hg url try this one
People use different viewers and run on a Mac, Windows, Linux. So maybe what works for others will not work for you. You always can copy and paste the URL into the map of your viewer and hit teleport:)
RiqueGiano 2 years ago
Amazing place you can explore and enjoy, Loved the free horses to horseride , and plenty of room to skate..
And an amazing inside cave , well done :)

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Warmup Show
25 Jun 2017 11:00 am SLT
Party DJ - DJ Rique Warmup Show before Khiron Ametza performs live at Partyland Starting at 10:00am HG Friendly at
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25 Jun 2017 12:00 pm SLT
Live ARTIST KHIRON AMETZA Performing LIVE at PARTYLAND Khiron Ametza a brazilian singer who has started her career in the middle of 80's, working as crooner, singing in celebrations, balls, and festi...
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25 Jun 2017 01:00 pm SLT
Party DJ - DJ Rique AfterParty at Partyland HG Friendly at
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30 Jun 2017 11:00 am SLT
LATIN MOVES with RIQUE DJ Rique Latin Classes before LIVE ARTIST Merkabah Oh Performs One hour Pure LATIN STYLES
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MERKABAH OH performing at LIVE
30 Jun 2017 12:00 pm SLT
MERKABAH OH performing at LIVE Enjoy live performers this is one ARTIST you will Enjoy Merkabah Oh.. He is a Professional singer with 10 years experience in RL. Enjoy him with us with us at PART...
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30 Jun 2017 01:00 pm SLT
AFTERPARTY with RIQUE DJ Rique taking you to another Dimention with Great Tunes - Requests & Dedications It's time to Stomp the Floor the ZangridianStyle with Friends
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Partyland is Celebrating Easter with Romance This Year for You and Your Loved Friends Today from 11:00AM at ((BONUS)) End Of APRIL Specials with LIVE ARTISTS:- > Sunday 23rd - Khiron Ametza - 11:00AM > Sunday 23rd - Ceci Dover - 12NOON > Friday 28th - Merkabah OH - 12NOON > Saturday 29th - Rosy OGrady - 1:00PM >Party DeeJays Before Each Shows for you to Arrive in time for your Favourite Artists.
2 months ago - 1 comments
PartyLand is Offically OPEN to Hypergrid after ordering alot of Snow to keep you Cool. Enjoy winter with us this December! Join us for the first party over there on Friday 2nd December at 11:00AM
7 months ago - 0 comments
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