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Gateway to the Stars
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Star Trek themed roleplay region. Moved to Metropolis (after Second Life (tm) and Germangrid) in november 2015. We create a peaceful area in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, founder of Star Trek (tm).
We write the year anno domini 2360...
A while ago the Supply Station 359 was ripped out of the known space. Now the crew tries to uphold the ideals of freedom deep in the Beta Quadrant, in a hazardous area, trying also to find a way back within the organisation of the Universe Fleet. While this is the main task, the crew also tries to make diplomatic contacts to all (Star Trek themed) races, and researches the surrounding area. The HQ for the Beta Quadrant is at the planet Veytan as the outpost for the Universe Fleet, with the legendary Supply Station 359 "nearby". Application forms at the application givers. Only serious applications please! Civilian roles available for "not so active" members.
See you out there!

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Copper 3 months ago
Thank you for adding a comment, Kubwa. What is not to understand that we talked about muscolar lions at a Star Trek RP, and you understood. And now, after such a long time, you come up with terms like "stupid". I am a Star Trek Fan since decades. And never saw a lion at Star Trek. I also told you back then if one can show me a race at a Star Trek wiki, we are open to all. Stupid, and so against the idea of ST as you mentioned, would be to have such avatars with us. I asume you just had a bad day
Kubwa 3 months ago
Would be helpful if you would reply to my comment, its better to see then.
Whatever, that is what i mean: "I also told you back then if one can show me a race at a Star Trek wiki, we are open to all."
Its very restrictive and you ONLY acceppt races allready known in the official Star Trek universe. Please take a look at Star Trek RPs in Second Life. They are much more open minded and flexible. If someone with a species not known in a "Star Trek Wiki" wants to join, the RP allows him with the idea that a new planet has been discovered where this kind of species lifes.

Dont get me wrong, its your RP, its your rules. But you have to life with the critics to your decisions.
Kubwa 3 months ago
joining the rpg is very restrictive. the basic idea of star trek is a united galaxy with thousands of different species. but is looks like the rpg admins only want so far known star trek species in their rpg. sorry, but thats absolutely stupid and against the idea of star trek.
Copper 1 years ago
Alts are "real" people :-)
Iris.O 1 years ago
I been there and saw close to 15 NPC's and 2 real people. All one has to do is check the age in profile to know its a NPC. Can you explain that? Being they also showed on your beacon.
Davey 1 years ago
Lot of ALT's How do you get them to register on the beacon as real people?
Copper 1 years ago
We try to make Star Trek themed better...So please join us. Applications from application giver inworld at the region (1 sits right on landing point)- We see us out there ;-)
Copper 2 years ago
@ Sunshine: It is an outpost (Headquarter) on a RP planet. And shuttes connect the outpost to the Supply Station, lightyears away. Region can never be explored in just 3 minutes...and then missing things, Most visitors told me they needed min. 3 hours to also see the little details. So: visit us again, and understand the philosphy that is described in the note cards you get at entrance. I am sure this will help understand where the RP is set to. Live long and prosper :-)
Sunshine 2 years ago
No ships? Where is the ships

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From 20:00 german time (GMT+1) we host a TOS retro party, combined with the 3DR UFS Astraios colony (also Star Trek RP group). With radio / web stream. We ask for dress code of Star Trek TOS clothes....
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