Welcome Neverworld

Welcome Neverworld
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Standard regions only $5.00 USD a month! Cheapest in the metaverse.
TOTALLY REWORKED welcome area like no other in virtual! Stroll our tropical pathways and find interesting and free places to see. Shop at our many freebie stores . Find a starter parcel for free at Neverworld Homesteads which borders the welcome region. Find Beautiful mesh furniture with animations, the quality is not found in other OS grids. Scratch built houses, and hair skins and shoes as well as rigged mesh clothing.

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Why wait to become a Neverworlder? Unlike other "here today gone tomorrow" Grids, Neverworld is Stable (almost four years old) , friendly and FREE. In addition to many quality freebies we offer Building Classes, and Free Land. We are a builders paradise and we attest and uphold our NO DRAMA poli...
Thank you for the compliments on or grid. Problems with freezing and computer crashing usually means client side problems or viewer cache. Suggest you clear your cache and try again, so you don't miss all the great goodies and events we have in Welcome.
The grid itself all looks very nice what they have done, however here are some issues that need to be noted. After logging in for the first time i went to get a new avatar and as soon as i try to come away from the shop i crashed. Couldn't log out and had to restart my computer to log off. This happ...
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