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Paramour Shopping
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All Paramour products (Dancemaster, Polemaster, etc), artwork, statues...all completely free!

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Best professional animation tools 100% free and everytime you dance say thanks to the owner of this sim.

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GenieFegte 7 days ago
Wonderful region and thanks for all the free stuff.
I tried today to by some items and it not works. In my homegrid i get the message "Unable to rez: could not find asset 4fa7b7ed-1a11-4924-a853-b98f74a63794 for item Paramour Chair Dancer v2.0 *BOXED*." It lloks like assets are not exported to other grids?
111shawn 3 months ago
You can pick up a free full permed OSWRS commercial free radio/radios while yer here. Do an area search for "radio" or "oswrs" and tp to them. And if you don't like what yer hearing while yer here, that's on you, cuz you have the power to change the stream in any of the radios. :) Thanks Aine.
TyphaineArtez 4 months ago
A great region, with all the amazing work of Aine. Thank you for all that!
Cataplexia 9 months ago
I can't say enough about Aine and her generosity in sharing her creations with everyone! From amazing statues in mesh to art, animations, dances, dance systems and poseball free sit target system and so much more! A must see!
MartinikaPearl 9 months ago
We all should remember more times Aine Caoimhe everytime we dance and that is only a very small part of her huge contribution to Opensim, Many thanks Aine :-)
nyzastillwater 1 years ago
One of the most generous people in all of OS, some of the finest creations can be found here that you see in use just about everywhere. Aine is also quite an expert in her field and will gladly help you out if you need it.
oopsee 2 years ago
What an awesome display of the best creations to be found in opensim !! Even better you can take them with you

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