Thirza Thirza posted an update January 31, 2017, 22:38

This week's Safari =============
Goodwill on Littlefield We visit the new build on LFGrid, a one stop shop for hg needs.
Need free content quickly? This mega store brings together free full perm content in one place.
Why? How? What are the rules? We find out.

HG Address lfgrid.com:8002:goodwill

DESTINATION 2 (starting at about 1pm Pacific time)
Tosha Tyran on Craft. dance and a hunt build that celebrate the need for more goodwill and compassion in the world!
A dance and a hunt and a brilliant installation. WIth music by Sunshine Szavanna.
HG Address craft-world.org:8002:far far away LOOK FOR SKYBOX AT 4000M

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